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Laura’s blog is called Sew Different and is a relative baby as she says. She has only been up and running for just over six months. The idea sprang from her love of sewing, fabrics and clothes! All those rolls of paper with experimental patterns were taking over her she thought she’d share them on a blog. The blog portrait: Laura from She always wanted to recreate the clothes she bought from her favorite shops. You can see on her blog that her garments are inspired by things she has bought on the high street or just gazed longingly at in Vogue. Laura is no expert seamstress (completely self taught actually), but she’s gotten better over the years. Fewer garments end up in the bin now, and some have even ended up being favorite items in her wardrobe.

Her favourite homemade garment is probably the Essential Denim Dress. It took her a long time to draft but she was particularly pleased with the way the dart and the pocket were both incorporated into the colour-block structure of the dress.

The patterns she drafts are designed to be easy. All the patterns are drawn up in a size 12 but there are instructions on the Making a pattern fit page about how to scale up or down. It’s not rocket science, she says. All you need is a roll of greaseproof paper and a pair of scissors.

As with any creative person, she gets side tracked from the patterns sometimes and you will see various posts cataloguing her experiments on her blog, from fabric dying to den making.
Her background is originally in Fine Art. She has gone on to work in the textiles industry as an exhibition and graphic designer. Laura started sewing for the first time when she was about 14. Her Mum had a sewing machine just for making curtains and other practical stuff - she wasn’t enthusiastic about it! But Laura got hooked and got really passionate about textiles and sewing.

Sew Different is a reflection of her passion for dressmaking and it is growing really quickly. She now has so many patterns that she had to split them into “seasons” to stop the page overcrowding. Sew Different has also been featured on several of the major sewing and craft sites such as Threading My Way, Craft Gawker and All Free Sewing.

For her next sewing project, she might use one of the fabrics that she found on
Free Spirit – Lightening Bug 1 Tante Ema Button – Floral Frenzy 2 (15) Linen Washed 1

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