Advent calendar

In the Advent Calendar today: 1 x 1 well equipped sewing box

Christine - 24. December 2015

Anyone who’s new to sewing will find our last prize in this year’s Advent Calendar to be just right! A pretty sewing box filled with everything a sewing newbie needs – from thread to needles, a measuring tape and a seam ripper, you’ll have all you need to make your initial forays into sewing an out-and-out success!Take part in today’s draw and win this big-ticket …

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In the Advent Calendar today: 1 x 1 set of books by Dorling Kindersley

Christine - 23. December 2015

This set of books is perfect for anyone who is about to start sewing for the home and wants to learn the proper techniques. “Handmade Interiors” is just the right book for you, if you want to sew high-quality linen, cushions and curtains. And if you finished decorating, you can pre-occupy yourself with knitting. “One ball of wool” is the perfect book for every knitter …

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In the Advent Calendar today: 3 x 50 Pound voucher for

Christine - 21. December 2015

You want to start a new project, but you’re missing the necessary small coins? Our voucher worth 50 Pound is the answer and helps you to brighten up your ideas. With the voucher you have free choice in our assortment of fabrics, wool and haberdashery and you can choose yourself what’s missing for your project idea and what you fancy! Today we are offering you …

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In the Advent Calendar today: 3 x 1 sewing package maternity pants

Christine - 17. December 2015

Has there been a sign that something is on it’s way? And now you definitely need a pair of trousers that fits? Don’t occupy yourself looking for a pair of maternity trousers on the high street, sew it yourself instead. We are offering you today a sewing package for maternity trousers in a fashionable black and white patterned fabric. Win one of the three sewing …

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In the Advent Calendar today: 3 x 1 wool sets by Schachenmayr

Christine - 16. December 2015

Pairfect, is THE innovation in the world of sock knitting! Highquality sock wool from Schachenmayrs own brand Regia, that features a yellow starter thread. Simply cut off the starter thread and start knitting right away. From size 3 to 12 you can be sure that both socks will feature the identical design of the sock. Pairfect! Even more colorways of Pairfect can be found in …

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