Gorgeous jacquard gobelin with travel designs

There are no limits to your creativity with these high-quality tapestry fabrics! This new, firm jacquard tapestry fabric is especially well suited for decorative ideas. It's also wonderful for extravagant clothing items and the travel designs from the 1950s grant this fabric a fantastic but also very classy touch.
Tapestry fabrics

Flying wild geese

Free as a bird - wild geese travel incredibly long distances through the air during their journey to warmer realms. It makes for an impressive sight, which you can now enjoy every day! This new decoration fabric featuring geese can be turned into wonderful new drapes for your living room.
Decoration fabrics featuring wild geese

Dotted water-repellent fabrics!

This water-repellent clothing fabric makes beautiful raincoats and the dots (1.5 cm each) will bring a smile do everybody's face - even in bad weather! If you prefer to make decorations from this coated fabric you can score a new tablecloth for the patio. Attention: this fabric is discounted and won't last!
Water-repellent fabrics