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Christine - 8. June 2016

DIY-Video: How-to-tutorial for Tulle Pom Poms

Christine - 20. April 2017
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Summer is coming! And with it garden parties, weddings and long evenings outside; time to get in the mood and think about some decorations for upcoming events. At least this is what we did and we found something we really like! Tulle Pom Poms!

These soft, fluffy balls just seem to fit everywhere – in pastel colours and covered with rhinestones for a wedding, in bright pink for a girls’ night in or in lively rainbow colours for a birthday party. They are easy to make and just look stunning.

In the following video we will show you how you can create your very own Tulle Pom Poms. For this project you can use the standard tulle in any colour you want and prefer to work with. Play around with different colour shades and find your favourite colour mix.

Beforehand, here is what you need for one pom pom (30cm or 12″ in diameter):

Just watch the video and find out how easy it is!


If you prefer to read a tutorial, here is a quick overview of the different steps as shown in the video:

  • Order: 1,5m tulle per pompom
  • fold tulle in half and start cutting stripes from the fold line
  • don’t cut all the way through, but leave some space at the end!
  • now cut the other end, one layer at a time
  • cut a piece of cardboard for the wrapping
  • wrap your fabric stripe around the cardboard
  • tie your bundle together in the centre
  • cut through the created fold lines
  • puff up your pom pom
  • Done!

Don’t worry, if you have to get used to the material first. It took us a moment too until we got the grasp and then it basically happened on its own.

To make one pom pom it took us about 30mins; we tried out faster methods of making them, but found that only this method guarantees that the pom pom becomes as pretty and obtains its nice and fluffy volume.

The material for the Pom Pom: Tulle

The material for this project has many advantages: it is inexpensive and you can by tulle fabric by the metre in many different colours in our shop Ordering just takes a second, but remember to give yourself enough time to actually make your pom poms and start your project in advance.

Tulle 6 Tulle 1 Tulle 11

Why not set up a girls’ craft night and enjoy the company of your friends and a good glass of wine while you get creative?


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