With immediate effect: fat quarters for €1.79 each

2. February 2016

A new jacket for the in-between season – jacket fabrics

4. February 2016

Get active – with DIY sportswear

3. February 2016
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Sewing sportswear - with just the right fabrics from myfabrics.co.uk

This year, have you resolved not just to sew more, but to be more active? It’s amazing to be able to combine both these resolutions. First, some tailoring gymnastics and brain jogging while you sew practical sportswear, and then get active – either on a skiing holiday or when you jog through the nearest park. With our fabrics, you’ll be perfectly kitted out, as you’ll find we stock a wide and inspiring range – from soft shell fabrics, through water-repellent jacket fabrics and colourful fabrics for swimming costumes that are also great for leggings. Take the time to browse now!

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