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12. May 2014

Fabric of the week: Shirt Fabric 1

13. May 2014

Interview with Joel Dewberry

12. May 2014
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Recently we have added the fabric collections by the designers of the Free Spirit brand namely Joel Dewberry and Anna Maria Honer. Since you’re probably interested who the designers are and what inspires their designs we asked them some questions and they kindly answered them.
Interview with Joel Dewberry
Name: Joel Dewberry

Date of Birth: December 12, 1974

Place of Living: Perry, Utah (small fruit farming town in northern Utah)

Education: BFA Graphic Design – BYU, MBA – Rollins College

Philosophy of life: The past is behind, learn from it. The future is ahead, prepare for it. The present is here, live it.

How did you start working as a textile designer?
I started working as a textile designer in 2007 after I was invited by Westminster Fibers to submit an introductory fabric collection to “test the waters” and see if my aesthetic and style would be well received. Seven years later, I’m still designing textiles and have the pleasure of doing something that I love.

Describe a typical day of work in your studio.
A typical day of work in my studio consists of reading and answering emails, fulfilling and shipping pattern and fabric orders, planning designs for new collections, ideating projects to showcase my new fabric designs and trying to gauge where the industry is moving. Interspersed are many moments of interruptions from kids (which I welcome), conversations with friends and family, and time set aside to experiment with pen and ink, pencil sketching, photography and paint.

What’s your most important tool for the design work?
By far my most important tool for design work is my sketchbook. It is my creative diary. It captures magical moments, ideas and is my catch all for organizing my thoughts and the creative directions I want to pursue.

How do your private personality and your designs cooperate? Does your personality influence your designs?
How can it not. I feel it is disingenuine to try and separate the two or perhaps it is just easier to be myself as seen through my designs. I enjoy making my current designs a reflection of how I see life at that time. An expression of what is meaningful to me, where I see beauty, and what has caught my attention.

What was your first moment of success as a textile designer?
My first moment of success as a textile designer was to see that first yard of fabric printed. It signified to me my status as a visual author. I was moved by my design being in a tangible, tactile form that would be used by other creatives.

Thanks a lot to Joel for the interview!

You want to know even more about Joel Dewberry or Anna Maria Horner? Then check their websites, where you find even more information about the textile designers.

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