All knitted! Wool fabrics

Christine - 8. November 2015

For fans of embroidery: handicraft fabrics in a variety of qualities

Christine - 11. November 2015

Making sure you keep the heat indoors – curtains made from Thermo-Reflex fabrics

Christine - 9. November 2015
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These curtain fabrics are ideal for the winter! The material is warm, soft to the touch and relatively weighty, making it perfect for withstanding the cold and draughts. If it’s uncomfortably draughty in front of the closed windows or the door in your flat, a curtain made from Thermo-Reflex fabric will help. And anyone who’s especially creative can use the fabric to make bags, too: The reverse of the fabric has a fine sheen and looks terrific when made into a clutch bag!

Thermo-Reflex fabrics

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