Fashionable and useful – cords

Does your pouch need something more to set it off? If so, take a look at our new cords. From glittery cords to ethnic-style cords, you’ll find we stock practical cord variants that are fashionably up-to-date. This means that you can give your pouch a completely unique design and make it truly eye-catching.


Trouser fabrics: A wide selection at great prices!

Sewing yourself a pair of trousers of your own: For many, this represents a milestone when making clothing. Because if you can sew a pair of trousers, you can sew pretty much anything – at least that’s the general consensus. Dare to make a pair of trousers yourself! It really isn’t that hard. And with the discounted trouser fabrics, a test run to make sure the fit’s just right isn’t too great an investment, either. There is sure to be something you can use for you new favourite pair of trousers among our fabrics, some of which feature an elastane component!
Discounted trouser fabrics


En vogue – the denim look

Denim is an absolute must this season! We have unearthed a variety of denim styles in our suppliers’ collections and have bought in the loveliest designs just for you. Whether classic, solid-shaded denim or printed denim for dresses and blouses, you’ll find we stock everything you need for your denim fest!
Denim styling


Tropical Fever – Now discover furnishing fabrics with tropical motifs

These fabrics make you want to shoot off on a holiday in a tropical paradise! But if your holiday is still far on the horizon, you can usher in a sense of anticipation while you sew. Our range encompasses numerous marvellous fabrics with tropical motifs like palm trees, toucans or pelicans and will put you in a holiday mood while you sew!
Tropical Fever


Flattering and robust: faux leather for clothing

Leather is always a contemporary choice for clothing, but are you a little uneasy with the thought of wearing something sourced from an animal? If so, take a look at our faux leather variants for clothing. They are ideal for skirts or trousers and combine the look of leather with more palatable production methods. Allowing you to sport a new item of clothing or a bag with a clear conscience.
Faux leather for clothing


Fabrics and sewing accessories in the on-trend colour of 2016: Serenity

Serenity, a calm, soft blue, is one of the two on-trend colours for 2016. And, of course, we’ve taken a look at our range to see what we have to offer in this delicate shade. We have sourced complementary fabrics, sewing accessories and wool for you and have arranged them clearly. So you can draw inspiration for new projects from the colour!
Colour of the year for 2016: Serenity


Looks like leather, but it’s vegan: leather-look upholstery fabrics

Do you like the look of leather, but aren’t so keen on the thought of how leather’s produced? If so, our leather-look upholstery fabrics are ideal for your creative ideas. Because these upholstery fabrics are textiles, in other words, so-called vegan leather. And they are ideal both for covering furniture and for working into bags, pouches and rucksacks. If you’re not sure which of the faux leather variants is best for what you have in mind, just order a sample!
Leather-look upholstery fabrics

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Fabrics and sewing accessories in the on-trend colour of 2016: Rose Quartz

This year, the trend institute has chosen not one but two colours of the year for 2016. One of the two is Rose Quartz, a soft pink. Powder pink and delicate, this colour finds its way onto a lot of our fabrics. And, of course, we also have sewing accessories in this on-trend colour. So it doesn’t take much to align your home and your wardrobe to this trend.
Colour of the year for 2016: Rose Quartz


Offer of the week: Crêpe Georgette 22

Our fabric of the week from 08.03.2016 to 14.03.2016:

» Crêpe Georgette 22

Gossamer crêpe georgette, ideal for making evening wear for those special occasions.

Price of the week: 2.25 £
Valid from 08.03.2016 to 14.03.2016, as long as supplies last!

Former price: 4.00 £

Crêpe Georgette 22

Material: 100% Polyester
Colour: lilac
Width: 144cm
Weight: 80gr/m
Use: Clothing

To the item:

» Crêpe Georgette 22

Colourful branded fabrics from Free Spirit

Just one thing helps combat dreary, cold days: a proper dose of colour. And the Free Spirit collections offer this in abundance. The high-quality cotton fabrics are perfect for your creative ideas. Whether a cushion or a patchwork throw, an airy blouse or a summer dress – you can use the item you’re working on now to coax summer in during springtime! Or perhaps you’re already enjoying the colourful décor in your living room.
Free Spirit branded fabrics