Fashionable and useful – cords

Christine - 25. March 2016

Does your pouch need something more to set it off? If so, take a look at our new cords. From glittery cords to ethnic-style cords, you’ll find we stock practical cord variants that are fashionably up-to-date. This means that you can give your pouch a completely unique design and make it truly eye-catching. » Cords at “

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Trouser fabrics: A wide selection at great prices!

Christine - 24. March 2016

Sewing yourself a pair of trousers of your own: For many, this represents a milestone when making clothing. Because if you can sew a pair of trousers, you can sew pretty much anything – at least that’s the general consensus. Dare to make a pair of trousers yourself! It really isn’t that hard. And with the discounted trouser fabrics, a test run to make sure …

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En vogue – the denim look

Christine - 21. March 2016

Denim is an absolute must this season! We have unearthed a variety of denim styles in our suppliers’ collections and have bought in the loveliest designs just for you. Whether classic, solid-shaded denim or printed denim for dresses and blouses, you’ll find we stock everything you need for your denim fest! » Denim styling at “

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Flattering and robust: faux leather for clothing

Christine - 17. March 2016

Leather is always a contemporary choice for clothing, but are you a little uneasy with the thought of wearing something sourced from an animal? If so, take a look at our faux leather variants for clothing. They are ideal for skirts or trousers and combine the look of leather with more palatable production methods. Allowing you to sport a new item of clothing or a …

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Looks like leather, but it’s vegan: leather-look upholstery fabrics

Christine - 11. March 2016

Do you like the look of leather, but aren’t so keen on the thought of how leather’s produced? If so, our leather-look upholstery fabrics are ideal for your creative ideas. Because these upholstery fabrics are textiles, in other words, so-called vegan leather. And they are ideal both for covering furniture and for working into bags, pouches and rucksacks. If you’re not sure which of the …

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Offer of the week: Crêpe Georgette 22

Christine - 8. March 2016

Our fabric of the week from 08.03.2016 to 14.03.2016: » Crêpe Georgette 22 Gossamer crêpe georgette, ideal for making evening wear for those special occasions. Price of the week: 2.25 £ Valid from 08.03.2016 to 14.03.2016, as long as supplies last! Former price: 4.00 £ Material: 100% Polyester Colour: lilac Width: 144cm Weight: 80gr/m Use: Clothing To the item: » Crêpe Georgette 22

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