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Sewing machine needles and their labels –
good to know!

Christine - 14. April 2016
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Sewing machine needles are a part of the sewing machine often underestimated by new sewers. I know this from experience, as I would always use the same needle for every fabric when I was starting out sewing – whether it was leather, cotton or even fine silk fabric.

But now, I’m older and wiser and know the special attributes of each different type of needle. There’s just one problem now – what needle do I have in my machine and what is it for?

Our high-quality Schmetz sewing machine needles come with a simple colour marker to jog your memory in case you forget which needle is left in your machine from your last project.

Here, you can see at a glance which colour marker is intended for which type of fabric:
Sewing machine needles and their labels - good to know!
The top line indicates the use/fabric and the coloured line underneath indicates the needle size. This means you can easily see if the needle in your machine is a ballpoint jersey needle or a leather needle with a cutting point. This is very important, as a leather needle would create lasting puncture holes in a jersey fabric, which would damage the material so that the seam could easily rip open when wearing.

And if you have a jersey needle in your machine when trying to sew leather, the machine can become blocked, as the needle can’t perforate the material.

As you see, the right needle is really important for good results when sewing, and for making sure your sewing machine continues to work well.

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