Fashionable accessory – the faux fur bobble

This season, it’s quite simply a must-have on every bag - the faux fur bobble! This is a fashionable and striking accessory. Of course, our bobbles are made from high-quality faux fur, so you can follow this current fashion trend without any qualms. Whether a bag dangler, a key fob or a bobble on a beret, a faux fur bobble always looks fantastic!
Faux fur bobble


Currently SO on trend: appliqués

Have you seen this in the fashion magazines that are out at the moment? Appliqués aren’t just used to conceal rips on jeans any more; they’re also used as a fashion statement! For instance, you can upgrade an old fabric bag with unusual appliqués and make yourself a real one-off piece! Or you can pep up an old parka, and in no time at all you’ve got a new on-trend piece for the autumn!
Fashionable appliqués

For that finishing touch – zip pulls

So... have you got that new bag ready, but find there’s something missing? If so, we have something you’ll like! With these zip pulls, you can add an eye-catching element and a practical zip piece to any sewing project. The pull is simply mounted onto the zip – and voilà! In no time at all, you’ve got yourself a custom-made accessory that no-one else will have!
Zip pulls

Adding a touch of sophistication to every top – decorative trims

Do you want to make your wardrobe prettier but aren’t as nifty yet with the sewing machine as you’d like to be? Then just take a look at the decorative trims we’ve got in our range. You can just sew them on by hand, and they’ll embellish a simple top in no time at all! Making it into something of a statement piece!
Decorative trim

The fabric accessory – unique scarves and wraps

Discover a wide selection of gaily coloured scarves and wraps at A scarf or wrap can give that final touch to a simple outfit and is not at all difficult to sew. Chiffon fabrics, crêpe georgette or voile just need to be cut to size and serged using the rolled hem technique. Or just combine various cotton and jersey fabrics to form an infinity scarf. You can be sure of creating a new accessory in no time at all that absolutely no-one else will be wearing!

New McCalls dressmaking patterns just in

The new McCalls dressmaking pattern collection will win you over once again with terrific patterns for ladies’ and children’s styles. Dresses, jumpsuits and tunics tempt you to embark upon new sewing projects. Because a good dressmaking patterns can often get those creative juices flowing, don’t you think?
McCalls dressmaking patterns

Glamorous rhinestone pendants

You'll make a statement with these rhinestone pendants and won't need to wear a necklace either. You can simply clip the rhinestone pendant to the fabric and voilà! You've completely transformed a simple dress or blouse into a real head-turner! We have incorporated multi-coloured and single-coloured rhinestone pendants in the range so that you have lots to choose from! Have loads of fun planning your new glamorous outfit!

A wooden sewing box makes a great gift

You are looking for a Christmas present for your sewing crazy mother? Your girlfriend does not know where to put all her haberdashery? Maybe your wife complains about always having to look for her seam ripper? Either way, a sewing box is the perfect present. We carry six different wooden sewing boxes with several compartments to store all your sewing accessories. Of course you can always give yourself one of these!
Sewing boxes