Thrilling to animal lovers – cotton fabrics with animal motifs

It’s a cert that anyone who loves animals never has enough fabrics with animal motifs in their fabric cupboard. That’s because the cotton fabrics in a cretonne variant can be used in a variety of ways, and the motifs are just so cute! Perhaps you need some new bed linen, a caddy or a gym bag? All these items can be perfectly crafted using cotton in a cretonne variant. And this kind of cotton is also ideal for sewing newbies!
Cretonne with animal motifs


Lovely animal motifs – for children’s clothing and furnishing ideas

You can virtually never go wrong with animal motifs for children. You can create such a variety of pieces using cotton fabrics printed with animal motifs. This makes it hard to decide whether to make a lovely cushion, a reading pillow, curtains for the children’s room, a bag or a little girl’s dress from the fabric. Whatever you make out of this fabric, you’re sure to make your littlest ones happy!
Children’s fabrics with animal motifs

All the birds in the world are right here – and are adorning our fabrics!

Bird motifs put people in a good mood and bring nature right into the home. Perhaps you’d like to give your dining table a fresh look with a new tablecloth? Or perhaps you need new curtains? If so, our furnishing fabrics with bird motifs are just perfect. We also have special motifs with feathered friends in our range – for instance, sweet flamingos!
Fabrics with bird motifs

These furnishing fabrics will get all animal lovers excited!

Whether your favourite animals are dogs, cats, cows or pigs is completely besides the point given our wide range of furnishing fabrics bearing animal motifs. You'll always find we stock fabric depicting your favourite animal, and sometimes even a specific fabric that depicts your very own pet! You can use these to implement whimsical sewing ideas, such as a bag that you can take along with you when out walking the dog, or a cushion for your favourite cat. You're sure to have a thousand other ideas that you'd like to implement. Get inspired by the fabrics!
Furnishing fabrics with animal motifs

Jersey fabrics for animal lovers

The animal kingdom is diverse, and just as diverse is our range of cute jersey fabrics with animal motifs. Whether a raccoon, a duckling or a sly fox: all cotton jersey fabrics are of high quality, wash well and can be worked using a standard household sewing machine or an overlock machine. Now all you've got to do is choose your precious mite's current favourite in the animal kingdom and you're on your way to becoming a creative powerhouse!
Jersey fabrics for animal lovers

Animals melt the hearts of young and old alike.

Both animal lovers and sewing enthusiasts are taken care of! At, you'll find a huge selection of furnishing fabrics with animal motifs. More than 500 furnishing fabrics bearing animal motifs are waiting for you to transform them into unique sewing projects! Whether you want to add a new cushion to your cushion collection or put together a dog mattress for your furry friend or a bag for animal lovers, you're sure to find just what you're looking for in our wide selection!
Furnishing fabrics with animal motifs