Woof! Moo! Quack! Cotton fabrics with animal motifs enthrall people of all ages

Dog, cat, horse… whatever be your favourite animal, at myfabrics.co.uk, you’re sure to find at least one cotton fabric that immortalises these animals. The fabrics are all wonderful cotton variants that are easily worked and are also suitable when used in a sewing project for a beginner. Ideas for bags, cushions or curtains are sure to just flow on their own when using these lovely fabrics!
Cotton fabrics bearing animal motifs

For your very own zoo – cotton fabrics with animal motifs

Birds, owls, foxes or dinosaurs: Whatever your preference in terms of animals, at myfabrics.co.uk, you'll find pretty cotton fabrics bearing motifs depicting virtually every kind of animal. So you can make deliciously sweet cushions or patchwork throws, cuddly toys or children's clothing. Let the sweet little motifs win you over!
Children's fabrics with animals

These furnishing fabrics will get all animal lovers excited!

Whether your favourite animals are dogs, cats, cows or pigs is completely besides the point given our wide range of furnishing fabrics bearing animal motifs. You'll always find we stock fabric depicting your favourite animal, and sometimes even a specific fabric that depicts your very own pet! You can use these to implement whimsical sewing ideas, such as a bag that you can take along with you when out walking the dog, or a cushion for your favourite cat. You're sure to have a thousand other ideas that you'd like to implement. Get inspired by the fabrics!
Furnishing fabrics with animal motifs

Terrific animal motifs on lightweight cotton jersey

Cute raccoons, whimsical owls, sly foxes and funny birds embellish the cotton jersey variants that we have sourced just for you. Little animal lovers are particularly enamoured with the soft, lightweight cotton jersey fabrics, which are also easy to make into t-shirts, leggings and pyjamas. Look for your favourite motif right now and get going with your new fabric as soon as possible!
Jersey fabrics with animal motifs

Do you love animals?

Butterflies, horses, ladybugs, and turtles are just some of the animals found on our children's fabrics with animals. Is your favourite animals among them? Then go ahead and pick the matching haberdashery while you're at it! Maybe you'll already be sewing next week. And the best part is: many of our children's fabrics with animals are marked down at the moment!
Children's fabrics with animals

Great animal fabrics

Owls, frogs, sheep, or dogs? Our large selection of cotton fabrics with animal design also includes your favourite animal! Cheerful animal designs will wow especially the little ones and the fabrics are easy to work with. Perfect for your first try at sewing! Always remember to wash cotton fabrics before sewing as cotton may shrink by up to 2% during the first wash cycle.
Cotton fabrics with animals

So vivid! Decoration fabrics with digital print

Deer, forest creatures, dogs, or flowers - our new decoration fabrics with an elaborate digital print look so vivid and are a great choice for unique sewing projects. From this wear-resistant cotton quality you can make gorgeous bags, or add a different touch to your apartment with new pillows. Get creative!
Decoration fabrics with digital print

Children decoration fabrics with animal designs

Donkeys, sheep, and cows are featured on our decoration fabrics with animal designs, which are nicely suited for nurseries. You can make new curtains or very unique bedclothes for the kids from these cotton fabrics. They will be thrilled! And it will thrill you to know that all of these fabrics comply with the Oeko-Tex 100 standard.
Decoration fabrics for children with animal designs

Great animal designs on cotton jersey

Alligators, insects, colourful peacocks - we have added a few animal designs to our popular cotton jersey fabrics. These playful jersey fabrics are great for cute children's clothing. Long-sleeved shirts or comfortable pyjamas are sewn in a flash using an overlock sewing machine and make great Christmas gifts.
Cotton jersey with animal designs

Danger! Zoo animals on the loose!

This cute apparel fabric featuring zoo animals comes in jersey as well as woven cotton. This makes for a large number of possible combinations. A t-shirt made from different colour fabrics, or a dress with a woven yoke and a comfortable jersey skirt are just two ideas which instantly come to mind.
Cotton fabrics with zoo animals