A new jacket for the in-between season – jacket fabrics

Practical parkas and water-repellent jackets for the in-between season are always a must in spring. Because sometimes the weather is so changeable that it’s good to have a waterproof jacket stashed away in your wardrobe. You can use the jacket fabrics at myfabrics.co.uk to sew yourself your very own favourite jacket. Virtually all the new jacket fabrics are water-repellent, and they’re available in a wide range of colours - from black to orange. If you aren’t sure which fabric is the right one for your project, just order a sample!
Jacket fabrics


Cuffs and waistbands with stars – making children’s eyes gleam!

We can now offer you this tubular product with a diameter of 80 cm, better known as cuff and waistband material, not just in a huge selection of colours, but also in a variant boasting a star print. This will help you further customise the design of harem trousers for the little ones, comfortable maternity trousers for your best friend and elasticated sleeve cuffs on your other half’s hoodie.
Cuff and waistband fabric with a star print


Perfect for cardigans and tube dresses – ribbed knits

Anyone who likes snuggling cosily into a comfy cardigan will find ribbed fabric to be the ideal material. Stretchy, making it super-comfy, available in some great colours and with texturised ribs, ribbed knits are an absolute must-have in your fabric cupboard this season! And since there are sure to be some more cold days ahead, a snuggly cardigan is a staple in your wardrobe!
Ribbed knits


Not just for suits and costumes – discounted apparel fabrics

It’s not every day that you make a suit or a costume! But the fabrics that we have put together for you in the “Suit and costume fabrics” section have other uses, too. Casual trousers, slim skirts or biker jackets can also be made using these classic fabrics and, when mixed and matched right, they look truly fashionable. Give it a try!
Suiting and costume fabrics


Great for snuggling into and for warm clothing – fleece fabrics

Fleece is just perfect for snuggly throws, but the fabric has even more uses. Fleece jackets or pullovers can also be tailored using this soft material. And, of course, as well as the classic anti-pilling fleece, which is available in a huge selection of colours, we also have cotton fleece and soft shell variants in our range.
Fleece fabrics

Four quality variants – a wide selection of colours: Discover fleece fabrics!

Discover a huge selection of fleece fabrics at myfabrics.co.uk Fleece is wonderfully snuggly, making it ideal for warm winter jackets or cosy throws. Aside from the classic anti-pilling fleece, which is also ideal for initial forays into sewing, we also consider soft shell, cotton fleece and knitted fleece to be part of our range of fleece fabrics. There’s always something appropriate for any winter project, and all our variants come in an array of colours that’s sure to include your favourite shade, too!

New colours just in – boiled wool

A jacket made from boiled wool won’t just keep you toasty warm, it also looks extremely fashionable and is not at all difficult to make. The boiled wool can be worked so as to remain raw-edged and is very well suited to wide-cut coats, ponchos and fashionable capes. With its slight elasticity and coarse texture, boiled wool is ideal for winter clothing!
Boiled wool

Snap to it! Discounted blouse fabrics

A woman can never have too many pretty blouses in her wardrobe. So it’s great that we once again offer a host of new blouse fabrics in our range. The selection of blouse fabrics at myfabrics.co.uk is huge, and many of the apparel fabrics are even discounted! So get browsing now and then order right away, as many of the fabrics are line items... So remember: “Whatever’s sold won’t ever be in stock again!”
Discounted blouse fabrics

So airy, so lightweight – softly draping georgette with a starry print

This georgette drapes with a gossamer delicacy and is thus perfect for airy scarves and wraps. But you can also use the delicate fabric to sew yourself a dress! If you do, we recommend that you sew in a lining or make a matching slip. A fine Micro-Tex needle is ideal for working this delicate fabric without damaging it. During tailoring, you must ensure that the layers of fabric are not displaced. Ideally, tailor one layer at a time!
Georgette with a starry print