For fans of maritime motifs – new appliqués

Christine - 4. January 2016

Are you a fan of maritime styling, too, and keen on embellishing all your bags, jackets and small-scale sewing projects with a maritime motif? If so, appliqués are just what you need. Many of them just need to be ironed on to jazz up the boring bits. Ahoy! » Appliqués with maritime motifs at “

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For quick embellishments: appliqués

Christine - 3. December 2015

Do you have a boring old sweatshirt that you’d like to pep up? Or perhaps your favourite shirt has a hole in it and you’re now wondering how you’re ever going to wear it again in spite of it? You can use appliqués to highlight specific elements in a trice and embellish an old item of clothing. From numerals and letters of the alphabet, through …

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Currently SO on trend: appliqués

Christine - 2. September 2015

Have you seen this in the fashion magazines that are out at the moment? Appliqués aren’t just used to conceal rips on jeans any more; they’re also used as a fashion statement! For instance, you can upgrade an old fabric bag with unusual appliqués and make yourself a real one-off piece! Or you can pep up an old parka, and in no time at all …

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Simple yet effective – sequinned appliqués

Christine - 7. May 2015

Simply iron and it’s ready to go! This is the advantage of iron-on appliqués, and this season there are some particularly amazing motifs around. The large sequinned appliqués in smiley, heart or star shapes are easy to iron on, and they turn a boring sweatshirt or t-shirt into a terrific, fashionable piece in a jiffy! Give it a try! » Iron-on, sequinned appliqués at …

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Appliqués for embellishment

Christine - 30. March 2015

With appliqués, you can give boring items of clothing a new look. The little iron-on appliqués are available at a price of just £0.07 each! Just right for embellishing an old pair of trousers with appliqués or transforming a sweatshirt into a statement piece! » appliqués  

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Appliqués – an instant eye-catcher

Christine - 10. July 2014

Whether you’re after Hello Kitty, skulls or owls, you’re sure to find something that you like – and that also gets the thumbs-up from your little co-habitants – in our range. Use the appliqués to highlight a new bag or a new dress. This season, the fashion-conscious are also embellishing simple sweatshirts with colourful appliqués. If you like, you can, of course, keep using them …

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Appliques for winter athletes

Christine - 2. December 2013

Among our large selection of appliqués you’ll find designs matching any theme. We have added a number of appliqués for the winter season. There are some awesome designs of hockey players, skiers, snow flakes, and winter impressions. The appliqués either iron-on or you can sew them on by hand with a few stitches. » Appliqués at

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Fly away!

Christine - 28. November 2012

Exclusive living ideas come to life with our new apparel fabric ‘fly away’. The fabric is trimmed with a multitude of fluttery circles which add a wonderfully breezy touch. Use it to make tops, dresses, or coats. This fabric looks best with a very simple cut. » Apparel fabrics with fluttering appliques at

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