A bag refurb – modern bag handles

You can use a pre-fabricated bag handle to craft your bag without spending ages fiddling around with narrow pieces of fabric. Irrespective of whether in bamboo or in plastic, these high-quality bag handles are available in a host of varieties and colours: there’s sure to also be something there for your creative idea.
Bag handles


New bag accessories just in – handles, fasteners and a great deal more besides

Have you always sewn only pouches because you weren’t aware of where to get everything you need for a more elaborate bag? If so, browse our inspiring Bags range: That’s where you’ll find everything you need for a new favourite piece – from faux leather bag handles right through to turn clasps and base studs!
bag accessories

In all the colours of the rainbow – sewing accessories in the Colour range

Red, yellow, green: These bag accessories are available in a variety of colours at myfabrics.co.uk. Now you can make a hand-made bag even more unique. With the Colour range of sewing accessories, you're perfectly equipped for all ideas. Carabiner hooks, belt protectors, D-rings and rucksack fasteners in a wide variety of colours make every new piece distinct and harmonise perfectly with one another. What are you waiting for?

Terrific bag accessories made from plastic

Snap closures, adjustment studs, carabiner hooks and D-rings are items that you can put to particularly good use if you plan on making a rucksack or a bag. Our range offers these high-quality closures, made from polyacrylic and polyester, in nine different colours. You're sure to find something here that complements your fabric!
Bag accessories

Versatile chains

Chains weren't part of our range of bag accessories; we've now plugged this gap. You'll find we now stock a variety of link chains and corded chains in varying strengths. You can use them to replace an old chain or to embellish a new bag. A tip from us... A fine link chain also makes a great bracelet. The fashion conscious weave a cotton cord into the link chain.