Cord stoppers in a variety of colours and shapes at

Cord stoppers in a matching colour perfectly complement a new jacket. You can also accentuate children’s clothing with cord stoppers in a contrasting colour or your little ones’ favourite colour attached to an elasticated band. A cord stopper attached to a bag or a pouch can also be eye-catching - from shiny to matt, from black to gold, at, you are bound to find a wide range of cord stoppers!
Cord stoppers


Half-panama – terrific designs and high quality

There are innumerable motifs rendered in a half-panama variant In our range of furnishing fabrics. These woven fabrics are more rugged than, for instance, a cretonne, as a thicker weft thread is used, each of which spans two warp threads. This makes the fabric durable and thus ideal for cushions and bags that are frequently used. And given the numerous motifs boasted by the half-panama in our range, there’s bound to be something there for your project!


This will please all those who make bags – new belt webbing with motifs

Have you been infected by the bag bug, too? A bag is a terrific project, especially for sewing newbies, as it provides an opportunity to learn a variety of sewing techniques – and a practical accessory like this is always useful! We now have even more belt webbing in our range. You can use it to customise your bags even further. All our belt webbing comes in a 40 mm width and, upwards of a length of 0.5 m, can be ordered rounded off to the nearest ten centimetres.
Belt webbing with motifs

New bag accessories just in – handles, fasteners and a great deal more besides

Have you always sewn only pouches because you weren’t aware of where to get everything you need for a more elaborate bag? If so, browse our inspiring Bags range: That’s where you’ll find everything you need for a new favourite piece – from faux leather bag handles right through to turn clasps and base studs!
bag accessories

Ideal for bags, cushions and furnishing ideas: our half-Panama fabrics

Half-Panama furnishing fabrics aren’t just ideal for making tablecloths or cushions. The fabrics can also be used to make robust and versatile bags and rucksacks that are real eye-catchers. You can be sure that the half-Panama fabrics are robust, yet easy to work. True all-rounders!

Great bags

Great bags A bag is usually one of the first sewing projects anyone works on. A simple pouch takes very little time to sew and is uncomplicated. If you want to create slightly more complex bags after that, you'll need buckles, magnetic closures and strap handles. You'll find all you need in our inspiring 'Bag Collection'. Do you already have an idea of what your next project's going to be? If so, get all the right materials together and place your order!

New colours: imitation nappa leather

Our popular imitation nappa leather is now available in 15 colours. You'll find classic leather tones like brown and dark brown but also modern, flashy colour like pastel green or orange. Many designers use imitation leather in their spring/summer 2013 collections. Just create your very own favourite look with this high-quality imitation leather.
New colours: imitation nappa leather