Emphasise the waist – belts made the DIY way!

A belt that you’ve made yourself can be that elusive accessory that can give your latest creation an even more unique touch. You’ll find we stock a range of elasticated ribbons that are also ideal for use as belt webbing. Just add a complementary belt clasp and in no time at all you’ll have drawn attention to your cinched-in waist!
Belt webbing


This will please all those who make bags – new belt webbing with motifs

Have you been infected by the bag bug, too? A bag is a terrific project, especially for sewing newbies, as it provides an opportunity to learn a variety of sewing techniques – and a practical accessory like this is always useful! We now have even more belt webbing in our range. You can use it to customise your bags even further. All our belt webbing comes in a 40 mm width and, upwards of a length of 0.5 m, can be ordered rounded off to the nearest ten centimetres.
Belt webbing with motifs

Make your own unique belts

Do you need a belt to match that new dress? If so, browse our selection of elasticated belt webbing and just make your own! It doesn't matter whether you want an animal print belt or one with cool stars, you'll find we have a host of designs for you. And, of course, our range also offers matching belt buckles.
Elasticated belt webbing