A robust linen fabric with a bird design!

Christine - 21. August 2013

This robust 100% linen decoration fabric features a beautiful bird design. The latter is available in white, black, or a strong red. This linen fabric is suitable for many different decorative ideas and is easy to work with. New pillows, or tablecloths are done in a snap! » Decoration fabrics with birds at

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Cute cotton fabrics with little birdies

Christine - 14. June 2013

The birds on our light cotton fabric aren’t angry at all! On the contrary, these cute birdies will really cheer you up and make children’s eyes gleam with joy. The cotton fabric comes in three colour variants and can nicely be combined for your project. » Cotton fabrics with birds at

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Tweet, tweet!

Christine - 6. November 2012

Owl are still trendy, but also smaller birds are becoming increasingly popular. We now also offer great jersey and velveteen fabrics with owl and bird designs – not only for kids’ clothing. Owls and birds are loved by children and adults. » Apparel fabrics with owls and birds at

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Stylish corduroy fabrics are making a comeback

Christine - 6. September 2011

Just like denim, corduroy fabrics never really go out of style, even if cord has not been around for a while. Today, cord is THE fashion trend for fall and winter and we have added 11 new stylish corduroy fabrics to our line. Cord fabrics featuring roses, birds and butterflies are real eye-catchers. Look for yourself: » Stylish corduroy fabrics are making a comeback at …

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