Children’s fabrics

Boys love these fabrics – cotton fabrics with terrific motifs at

Christine - 31. December 2015

Are you finally going to re-design your little mischief-monger’s room? Perhaps it needs new curtains, complementary bed linen or toy storage? You’ll find we stock terrific furnishing fabrics in cotton that little boys absolutely adore: Is there any one who doesn’t love cool Spiderman or whimsical vehicle motifs? » Children’s fabrics for boys at

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A heart for fabrics – cotton fabrics with hearts

Christine - 22. November 2015

Christmas is a time for celebrating love! What better gift than a caddy with heart motifs that you’ve made yourself? Or a heart-shaped cushion in a red fabric with a heart print. Or a shopping bag for your darling mum, made from a checked cotton fabric with hearts woven in. You’re sure to have thought up some little gift ideas that you can get down …

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The forest beckons! New jersey fabrics with woodland creatures just in

Christine - 12. November 2015

The woodland animals trend continues! Foxes and beavers embellish jersey apparel fabrics and are superbly suited to harem trousers and cool shirts. Combined with a solid-coloured fabric from our Cotton Jersey Medium range, the woodland animals will look even nicer and will appeal to both the young and the not-so-young. » Jersey fabrics with woodland animals at

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Disney: fabrics that children love

Christine - 11. November 2015

Elsa the Ice Queen, Winnie the Pooh, The Little Mermaid and the cool Cars – these are characters that many children have taken to their heart. Now you can make the children’s room even more attractive for your little princess or your cool ruffian, and design curtains, throws or cushions all bearing the characters of their favourite film. Used in a private setting, you can …

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Lovely animal motifs – for children’s clothing and furnishing ideas

Christine - 3. October 2015

You can virtually never go wrong with animal motifs for children. You can create such a variety of pieces using cotton fabrics printed with animal motifs. This makes it hard to decide whether to make a lovely cushion, a reading pillow, curtains for the children’s room, a bag or a little girl’s dress from the fabric. Whatever you make out of this fabric, you’re sure …

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For the kids: cotton fabrics with cheerful children’s motifs

Christine - 30. September 2015

There are numerous new prints among our cotton fabrics with attractive motifs, which are particularly appealing to children. The cotton fabrics are versatile; from the little pouch or pencil case, through shirts, right through to dresses, the diverse uses are endless… A new pencil case is a terrific present, especially now that school’s starting again! » Cotton fabrics bearing children’s motifs at

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For autumn ideas and rugged trousers or dresses for children: corduroy

Christine - 17. September 2015

An absolute must-have in your autumn wardrobe is a rugged pair of corduroy trousers. In addition to the solid-coloured wide-rib and fine-rib corduroy variants, we also offer terrific printed corduroy fabrics that are ideal for children’s clothing. You’ll make your little mischief-mongers really happy with a pair of corduroy trousers. Bonus: the trousers also withstand the rough and tumble of children’s games! » Corduroy fabrics …

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I go to school now…

Christine - 28. July 2015

… I’m not little any more! After the long summer holidays, little ones just starting school have an exciting time ahead of them. What could be nicer, then, than if all first-graders could take their school things to school with them in handmade pencil cases, gym bags or rucksacks? At, you will find everything that thrills those starting school, from cotton fabric bearing pirate …

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For active children – jersey fabrics with children’s motifs at

Christine - 30. June 2015

Kids love to move around, and jersey fabrics move with the little mischief-mongers – whatever they do! A shirt or even a comfortable pair of trousers made from jersey is ideal and can be easily sewn using our cotton jersey fabrics. All you’ve got to do is to decide whether you’d like to cloak your little princess from head to toe in rose-pink, or whether …

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Doudou – wonderfully soft

Christine - 11. June 2015

“Doudou”: the French word for soft, cuddly toys and comfort blankets. And the fleecy fabrics are just as soft as the sound of the word itself! Making them perfect for surprising an expectant mother with a personalised comfort blanket for their baby or for making a cuddle partner for a good friend who’s lovesick! » Doudou fabrics at

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