Cretonne – the ideal variant for small-scale projects

As a sewing newbie, you really can’t go wrong with a cretonne. These cotton fabrics in a cretonne variant can be effortlessly tailored, they do not pucker and are thus the ideal choice even for initial forays into sewing using a sewing machine. And you can make so much with these cotton fabrics: caddies, throws, cushion covers, bed linen, children’s clothing, bags, cosmetic bags...
Cretonne with various motifs


For the kids: cotton fabrics with cheerful children’s motifs

There are numerous new prints among our cotton fabrics with attractive motifs, which are particularly appealing to children. The cotton fabrics are versatile; from the little pouch or pencil case, through shirts, right through to dresses, the diverse uses are endless... A new pencil case is a terrific present, especially now that school’s starting again!
Cotton fabrics bearing children’s motifs

For active children – jersey fabrics with children’s motifs at

Jersey fabrics for children at love to move around, and jersey fabrics move with the little mischief-mongers – whatever they do! A shirt or even a comfortable pair of trousers made from jersey is ideal and can be easily sewn using our cotton jersey fabrics. All you’ve got to do is to decide whether you’d like to cloak your little princess from head to toe in rose-pink, or whether your little wild child would prefer shirts with car or pirate motifs.

Terrific animal motifs on lightweight cotton jersey

Cute raccoons, whimsical owls, sly foxes and funny birds embellish the cotton jersey variants that we have sourced just for you. Little animal lovers are particularly enamoured with the soft, lightweight cotton jersey fabrics, which are also easy to make into t-shirts, leggings and pyjamas. Look for your favourite motif right now and get going with your new fabric as soon as possible!
Jersey fabrics with animal motifs

Dear Aunt Emma…

And again, we've fallen in love with the new Aunt Emma items. Sweet ribbons, trimmings and buttons invite you to embellish and 'cosset' your project. The hand-made look is extremely popular this year for presents, too: Whether as additional packaging or as a souvenir, the Aunt Emma value packs are ideal for both. So get to it! Look for the motifs that your sewing buddy would like the most and surprise her now with a little package!
Ribbons and buttons in the Tante Ema value pack

Colourful cotton jersey fabrics for £5.50 – just for one week!

Colourful cotton jersey fabrics for £5.50 – just for one week! Young mums taken care of! Are clothes made from jersey fabric your absolute favourite when it comes to your little one? If so, grab yourself our cotton jersey fabrics for just £5.50 per metre. This offer is valid only until 7th October and is limited to cotton jersey fabrics bearing children's motifs. Fabrics from the house of Lillestoff are excluded!

Janea’s World – cute new motifs just in!

Pony or rocket? Janea's World thrills both the young and the not-so-young alike. The sweet motifs capture the imagination ,and are a source of enjoyment for both mum and the little ones. Mum enjoys working with such gloriously colourful fabric and the children can hardly wait to sport that new shirt or that jersey dress in their kindergarten class. So everyone's happy!
Janea's World

Woven ribbons – a massive selection!

Aaaah... Aren't they sweet?! We're definitely not the only ones to gush over woven ribbons with cute motifs: you and your little mischief-mongers do, too! Use them to embellish your next bag or a little pouch... Sew some onto a new dress and steal the show! Or adorn your darling's trousers with them... We are sure they'll light up your family's eyes!
woven ribbons

Appliqués – an instant eye-catcher

Whether you're after Hello Kitty, skulls or owls, you're sure to find something that you like – and that also gets the thumbs-up from your little co-habitants – in our range. Use the appliqués to highlight a new bag or a new dress. This season, the fashion-conscious are also embellishing simple sweatshirts with colourful appliqués. If you like, you can, of course, keep using them to conceal holes!