children’s ribbons

Woven ribbons – a massive selection!

Christine - 15. July 2014

Aaaah… Aren’t they sweet?! We’re definitely not the only ones to gush over woven ribbons with cute motifs: you and your little mischief-mongers do, too! Use them to embellish your next bag or a little pouch… Sew some onto a new dress and steal the show! Or adorn your darling’s trousers with them… We are sure they’ll light up your family’s eyes! » woven ribbons …

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Cute children’s ribbons – made for cosseting!

Christine - 1. July 2014

We can’t get enough of children’s ribbons. As an accent on a skirt, an appliqué on a bag or as an embellishment on a lanyard – with a woven ribbon, you can transform your sewing idea into a unique piece in no time. And you can also use ribbons to creatively fashion old clothes or bags quickly and with minimum fuss! Find your favourite ribbon …

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