clothing ideas

Cord stoppers in a variety of colours and shapes at

Christine - 29. January 2016

Cord stoppers in a matching colour perfectly complement a new jacket. You can also accentuate children’s clothing with cord stoppers in a contrasting colour or your little ones’ favourite colour attached to an elasticated band. A cord stopper attached to a bag or a pouch can also be eye-catching – from shiny to matt, from black to gold, at, you are bound to find …

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Solid-coloured cuffs – always a good choice

Christine - 27. November 2014

Cuffs are always useful. Regardless of whether you’ve made a casual sweatshirt and need cuff material for the neckline, the sleeves and the hem, or you’d like to sew a simple skirt with a wide waistband: Our cuffs are available in two variants, each offering more than twenty colours. We even offer you striped cuffs! But if you still have a colour in mind that …

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