Cotton Fabrics

For your pyjama party – Sew your own pyjama bottoms

Christine - 24. November 2015

You can never have too many pyjama bottoms: And nights are made even more comfortable by lovely fabrics that are beautifully soft, such as a lightly textured cotton fabric. You’re sure to find something in the selection of fabrics for pyjama bottoms that will appeal to your little ones, the man in your life or your best friend. And why not consider giving pyjama bottoms …

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A heart for fabrics – cotton fabrics with hearts

Christine - 22. November 2015

Christmas is a time for celebrating love! What better gift than a caddy with heart motifs that you’ve made yourself? Or a heart-shaped cushion in a red fabric with a heart print. Or a shopping bag for your darling mum, made from a checked cotton fabric with hearts woven in. You’re sure to have thought up some little gift ideas that you can get down …

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Disney: fabrics that children love

Christine - 11. November 2015

Elsa the Ice Queen, Winnie the Pooh, The Little Mermaid and the cool Cars – these are characters that many children have taken to their heart. Now you can make the children’s room even more attractive for your little princess or your cool ruffian, and design curtains, throws or cushions all bearing the characters of their favourite film. Used in a private setting, you can …

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Premium Tula Cotton – the cotton line manufactured in-house by

Christine - 2. November 2015

Premium Tula Cotton – the cotton line manufactured in-house by Three distinct cotton variants, all uniformly dyed, colour-fast and with a shrinkage rate that stands below the commonly encountered shrinkage values for cotton fabrics: These are all characteristics of our cotton line Tula Cotton, manufactured in-house, which we have been offering you for more than two years now. The colour palette ranges from sunshine …

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Gaily coloured cotton fabrics – the perfect antidote to dreary, rainy days

Christine - 30. October 2015

Sometimes, you can’t get enough of colour. So it’s just as well that we’ve got so many cotton fabrics that are printed in the most magnificent colours and colour combinations. You can see the selection that we offer at here: Draw inspiration from this for a new multi-coloured, favourite piece! Perhaps you’ll soon be cooking for your loved ones in your new favourite apron? …

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Wide range of patchwork fabrics – Stocks replenished!

Christine - 27. October 2015

The perfect patchwork throw should incorporate cotton fabrics that you mix and match, that are complementary and that have patterns of a similar size. This ensures that even the wildest patchwork pattern has an extremely harmonious effect, thrilling your family and friends. But nowadays you can use patchwork for many other ideas, too. You can use premium patchwork to also create table runners, cushion covers …

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Starry motifs on cotton: They shine – and so do the eyes of everyone that beholds them…

Christine - 27. October 2015

As many stars as there are in the sky: That’s how many different variants of cotton fabrics with starry motifs we have in the range. Little stars, big stars, white stars, black stars, golden stars or colourful stars: Whatever you could possibly wish for, the stars will make your wish come true! And you can use them to make your loved ones’ dreams …

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It’s spring in autumn – with floral fabrics from

Christine - 22. October 2015

If you’d like to enjoy flowers in the autumn, too, our cotton fabrics with floral motifs are simply perfect. From roses through abstract blooms, from delicate hues right through to jazzy colours, there are a myriad floral motifs that aren’t far short of the real thing. Draw inspiration from these fabrics and use them to make little pouches, practical shopping bags and cute toys, or …

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Solid Scandinavian collection from Arvidssons

Christine - 21. October 2015

Dala horses, goblins and kitchen motifs are just some of the motifs that embellish the cotton fabrics from the Arvidssons collection. The high-quality fabrics of this Scandinavian brand invite you to design new curtains, caddies or pretty tea towels. It’s up to you to decide whether you’d like to mix and match the fabrics or use them singly. Just give it a try and draw …

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