Cretonne – the ideal variant for small-scale projects

As a sewing newbie, you really can’t go wrong with a cretonne. These cotton fabrics in a cretonne variant can be effortlessly tailored, they do not pucker and are thus the ideal choice even for initial forays into sewing using a sewing machine. And you can make so much with these cotton fabrics: caddies, throws, cushion covers, bed linen, children’s clothing, bags, cosmetic bags...
Cretonne with various motifs


Thrilling to animal lovers – cotton fabrics with animal motifs

It’s a cert that anyone who loves animals never has enough fabrics with animal motifs in their fabric cupboard. That’s because the cotton fabrics in a cretonne variant can be used in a variety of ways, and the motifs are just so cute! Perhaps you need some new bed linen, a caddy or a gym bag? All these items can be perfectly crafted using cotton in a cretonne variant. And this kind of cotton is also ideal for sewing newbies!
Cretonne with animal motifs


Cushions, bags, curtains – nothing’s impossible with cretonne furnishing fabrics

Cotton cretonne is a fabric variant that is hugely versatile. You’ll find we stock a wide selection – from cretonne with cute children’s motifs through to cotton fabrics bearing animal or plant motifs. All that’s left for you to do is to decide what you’re going to make from the fabric! Cushions, a tablecloth, curtains or bed linen? Anything goes!
Cretonne fabrics for furnishing ideas