Exclusively at : Schöner Wohnen

Christine - 24. February 2014

Apart from paint, carpets, and home textiles, Schöner Wohnen has lately also been offering a collection of fabrics by the metre. So, you can decide whether to turn the decoration fabric into a pillow or a curtain. Matching designs in fresh colours make it easy for you to create a coherent colour concept – and the fabrics nicely match all other Schöner Wohnen products. » …

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Now at Esprit Home

Christine - 17. February 2014

Up-to-date yet timeless, that is how the Esprit Home collection presents itself. Blackout fabrics and other curtain fabrics with unique designs invite you to reinvent your home. Let the fabrics inspire you and bring a little extra esprit to your home! » Brand name fabrics by Esprit Home at

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Room-high decoration fabrics with cute kid designs!

Christine - 29. July 2013

The designs of our room-high decoration fabrics feature images of little pixies or funny vehicles. The fabrics are 280 cm wide and the pattern runs orthogonally to the edge. This makes these fabrics (65% polyester, 35% cotton) perfect for curtains and other nursery decorations. » Room-high decoration fabrics with cute designs at

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Perfect for curtains: Ravenna transparent fabric!

Christine - 20. June 2013

Your living room needs a little sprucing up? Just sew some new curtains! That’s a quick way to redecorate your apartment for the summer season. Ravenna is a transparent material which is especially suited for curtains. It is a softly falling, translucent fabric. The different shades of the stripes create a wonderfully soft light in the room. » Striped curtain fabrics at

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New decoration fabrics with ornaments!

Christine - 23. April 2013

Ornaments are a typical decorative element and are a hassle-free way of adding elegance to a room. It doesn’t even always have to be a big change. Just add little details like matching curtains and sofa pillows for a beautiful atmosphere. ‘Taft Sofia’, a room-high decoration fabric is perfect for many decorative ideas and is very easy to work with. Our advice: mind the pattern …

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Decoration fabrics, elegant looks

Christine - 7. November 2012

Dots, stripes and ornaments. These high-quality decoration fabrics with elegant woven-in patterns from chenille thread will embellish any room! Add some color with new pilloes, upholster chairs or armchairs with a fabric of your choice or treat yourself with new curtains. The three patterns available are in matching colors and can wonderfully be combined. » Elegant decoration fabrics at

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Striped blackout fabrics

Christine - 5. July 2012

If you are looking for a decorative as well a effective blackout fabric for your curtains, we have just the thing for you! With its stylish stripes this new blackout fabric is perfectly suited for your bed room or living room. Check out three new colors! » Striped blackout fabrics at

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Flying wild geese

Christine - 25. June 2012

Free as a bird – wild geese travel incredibly long distances through the air during their journey to warmer realms. It makes for an impressive sight, which you can now enjoy every day! This new decoration fabric featuring geese can be turned into wonderful new drapes for your living room. » Decoration fabrics featuring wild geese at

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A decorative breeze

Christine - 14. May 2012

You don’t need to buy new furniture to bring a fresh new breeze into your living room. Just replace the bedspread or the curtains! Our new striped linen mix decoration fabric is avaiable in 5 colors. » A decorative breeze at

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