Decoration fabrics

Gorgeous and extra wide – decoration fabrics with floral designs

Christine - 27. May 2014

For curtains it is recommended to use an extra wide-decoration fabric to avoid problems when cutting the pattern. Good thing, we’ve added a large number of extra-wide decoration fabrics with beautiful flower patterns to our selection. Pick your favourite flower now and get your home ready for spring with new curtains and matching pillows. » Extra-wide decoration fabrics with flowers at

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London love

Christine - 22. May 2014

London is always worth a trip! Back at home a lasting memory may cheer you up: our selection of fabrics and sewing supplies in a London look are great for making your own souvenirs. Even better: even a newbie can make a simple bag for the trip before travelling. If you prefer making clothes you can use the jersey fabric to sew a shirt or …

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Heavily discounted: Jacquard fabrics

Christine - 21. May 2014

Available now! A very special bargain just for you: high-quality jacquard fabric at especially low prices. Our furnishing fabrics come in sumptuously warm colours and are ideally suited to home furnishings such as scatter cushions and curtains, but they also lend themselves brilliantly to lightweight upholstery projects.

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Maritime decoration fabrics

Christine - 21. May 2014

Sailboats, seagulls, and fish are the most popular maritime designs. Would you like to redecorate your apartment and need some decorating ideas in a maritime look? Then you’ll surely like our selection. From these high-quality fabrics, some of which have a width of 280 cm, you can make new pillows for your sofa, a draft guard, or a tablecloth. This way, the coast’s maritime atmosphere …

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Let’s get graphic!

Christine - 20. May 2014

Flowers or roses don’t fit your interior style? You like it clean and modern? Then our decoration fabrics are just the thing for your interior design. A pillow or a placemat made from a decoration fabric with a clear, geometrical pattern will bring a fresh air to your apartment. Also a gym bag, or really any kind of bag made from this fabric has the …

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Exclusive: digital print decoration fabrics at great prices

Christine - 15. May 2014

This intensely coloured digital print gives these decoration fabrics a very natural look. You just want to bite into those yummy burgers or macaroni. These kitchen designs are great for aprons or oven mittens. Also, new kitchen chair cushions or tablecloths can add a fresh look to the room. If you’re into bright colours you’ll simply fall in love with our rainbow coloured, shining designs! …

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Folklore fever

Christine - 13. May 2014

Folklore designs are very trendy now, even for creating a special atmosphere in your home. In our shop, you’ll find a great selection of fabrics inspired by different folklore designs. They are just waiting for you to turn them into a new pillow or tablecloths. These extra wide decoration fabrics are also great for unique bags and backpacks. Anything goes! » Decoration fabrics in a …

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Many different blackout fabrics

Christine - 7. May 2014

Now that the days are getting longer again, some of us need a pitch black bedroom for a relaxing night. Blackout fabrics are the perfect choice for this purpose. Nowadays, these fabrics aren’t only available in unicolour anymore, they also come with stripes or a metallic shine. You’re bound to find something matching your bedroom! » Blackout fabrics at

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Decoration fabrics in subtle colours

Christine - 1. May 2014

Subtle colours create a lovely atmosphere inside, a breezy curtain is especially relaxing. Bring a calm mood to your apartment and design your own curtains. With these room-high decoration fabrics, some of which already feature a lead band in the hem, it’s super easy. Then, you can daydream about your new furniture: for a home just made for relaxing! » Room-high decoration fabrics at

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Vroom, vroom – full throttle ahead!

Christine - 23. April 2014

Our selection of fabrics with vehicle designs keeps getting expanded with new models. Apart from a Mini Cooper you’ll find a VW van, as well as motorbikes and scooters. Maybe a bag or a pillow made from one of these fabrics could be a beautiful gift for a loved one? » Fabrics with vehicle designs at

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