Tapestry fabrics for great decorative ideas

We have extended our line of tapestry fabrics and now offer even more beautiful designs. Apart from Christmassy images there are also decoration fabrics for all seasons. Maybe your kitchen needs some decorating? Well how about the new herb and fruit designs? Or do you enjoy a hot brew for tea time? We also have designs for that.
Tapestry fabrics

Lovely lace!

Any piece of clothing can be turned into a real eye-catcher with lace, no matter if you add lace to the hem or as a decorative item on a top. Our elastic lace is knitted and has a slight shine, which highlights the embedded floral design. Turqouise, hot pink, yellow, and apricot are the colours available for this raschel lace for a limited time.
Raschel lace

Elegant passament border

Borders, edgings, and ribbons can easily turn plain clothing into real eye-catchers. This high-quality passament border which comes in lots of different colours transforms any jacket into a haute couture piece. Embellish coat pockets, collars, and cuffs with a border, sewn on by hand. A little extra effort here will pay off!
Passament border