Denim – the rugged apparel fabric with character

Denim fabrics in a variety of colours at Denim is more than a rugged apparel fabric; denim is an attitude to life! And anyone who’s a fan of the rugged material and of sewing will find a wide selection of denim fabrics in various colours at Whether you then leave the material “raw” or experiment with your own washes is entirely your decision. And you can also work it skilfully using sandpaper or cut into it for an individualised, used look just as you please.

How about a pair of jeans today… handmade, of course!

Denim fabrics in a wide selection of colours at Anyone who’s got a pair won’t ever want to wear anything else. Handmade jeans are all the rage! Perfectly sculpted to the silhouette and in just the shade you want – all entirely possible when you make your jeans yourself! It’s obvious that jeans you make yourself do require a bit of effort, but when they sit just right it’s all worthwhile. And anyone who can’t get enough of denim can also make a denim shirt or blouse to go with their jeans! Have fun!

SO on trend: patterned jeans

Obviously, you could just buy yourself a pre-fabricated pair of jeans, but with our printed denim fabrics you can first choose your favourite motif and then precisely adapt the jeans according to your own taste and body shape. Thus giving you an opportunity to finally make a pair of jeans that sit just right and are styled the way you want them to be! And anyone whose focus is on adorning their little ones is also sure to hit the mark with new, rugged dungarees or a sweet pinafore dress.
Printed jeans

Springlike stretch jeans

Flowers or skulls? Butterflies or paisley? No matter what's your style, we have the right fabric to create your very unique spring collection. Our stretch denim fabrics consist of a cotton, polyester, and spandex blend. Spandex makes for tight, yet comfortable jeans which hardly wrinkle even after wearing them for a long time.
Denim stretch