So vibrant! Digital prints with a fascinating colour saturation

Are you into vibrant colours and large prints? If so, take a good look at our range of digitally printed furnishing fabrics. That’s where you’ll find a host of photo-realistic prints – from abstract motifs through to cool spacescapes. So that the fabric exerts the right impact, you should keep cushions or bags quite simple in all other respects and let just the fabric speak for itself!
Furnishing fabrics with digital prints

More gorgeous than the real thing – digitally printed furnishing fabrics

Wow! The colours of these new furnishing fabrics, printed using digital methods, are positively radiant! The colour-intensive prints will enthuse any fan of striking motifs, and the glowing colours will definitely lift the mood on dreary days. Let yourself be captivated, and tailor your own Rainbow Land for yourself!
Furnishing fabrics with colour-intensive digital prints

So vivid! Decoration fabrics with digital print

Deer, forest creatures, dogs, or flowers - our new decoration fabrics with an elaborate digital print look so vivid and are a great choice for unique sewing projects. From this wear-resistant cotton quality you can make gorgeous bags, or add a different touch to your apartment with new pillows. Get creative!
Decoration fabrics with digital print

Twill stretch with digital print

This fabric grabs attention! An elastic cotton twill is digitally printed with strong colours that really shine. Exceptional designs like angels or antique picture frames are great for nostalgic people. The abstract diamond designs makes for great pants or skirts. Stretch twill also nicely works as a blazer.
Digitally printed cotton twill