discounted jersey fabrics

Last chance! Grand Summer Sale at

Christine - 29. August 2014

It’s fun to browse, but when it comes to the Summer Sale, you shouldn’t wait too long before placing those fabrics in your shopping basket! Because it’s entirely possible that someone somewhere is also interested in the same fabric and places an order just that little bit quicker than you… The fabrics from the Summer Sale cannot subsequently be ordered from us, so you should …

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Now – only limited stock available!

Christine - 26. August 2014

Were you unable to decide upon your favourite fabric from the Summer Sale? If so, it’s high time as there are only limited lengths of certain fabrics – such as jersey fabrics – left in stock, and once the last few metres are sold out, you won’t be able to order those fabrics from us again. So, make your mind up now!

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Fabrics discounted by up to 80%

Christine - 13. August 2014

Have you already taken a look around in the Summer Sale section? Now discover a host of discounted fabrics from our apparel and furnishings sections. Jersey fabrics, chiffon fabrics and also discounted faux leather are just waiting to be discovered. What are you waiting for? Click your way through our vast selection!

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Huge selection of discounted, ribbed jersey fabrics

Christine - 28. July 2014

You are always particularly partial to jersey, and this is why we regularly stock our warehouse with new jersey fabrics. We’ve now received a large batch of ribbed jersey that we can offer at significantly reduced prices. The jersey fabrics are of varying qualities, and – in addition to cotton jersey – you will also find wool blends and viscose jersey. Your favourite type is …

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Discounted striped jersey fabrics!

Christine - 20. August 2013

Striped jersey with two different widths of stripes have been discounted for a limited time. These summery colours go very well with each other. The combination of small and large stripes does not pose a problem as the colours fit very well. This light viscose quality is a good choice for shirts, tops, dresses, skirts, and leggings. » Jersey fabrics with stripes at

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