Dots in new colour combinations

We’ve seen a few dots in our time, but our suppliers astonish us time and again with new colour combinations and dot sizes. We’ve included twenty new colours for you in our range of dotted jersey fabrics. There’s something for every dotty fan here! Do our dots do it for you, too?
Jersey fabrics with dots

Jersey fabrics with dots: you can never get enough!

We love dots, and we know that you can’t get enough of them either! That’s why we are always on the lookout for new dotted variants for you in our suppliers’ collections. Whether a trendy mint green or a modern grey – at, you’ll find a variety of dotted jersey fabrics in high-quality cotton jersey!
Jersey fabrics with dots

Join the dots! Even more dotted cotton fabrics in new colourways

You can never have too many classic dotted patterns in your fabric cupboard! You can integrate the dotted fabrics in a patchwork throw or combine them with various fabrics in solid shades: bags, tablecloths, placemats, little pin cushions or even one-off clothing ideas – all of these are eminently feasible with the wide selection of dotted cotton fabrics.
Cotton fabrics with dots

Make your point! Cotton fabrics with dots

The dot is a classic pattern that's routinely right at the top of the design popularity charts. You'll find a wide selection of dotted furnishing fabrics at, some printed with larger dots, some with smaller ones. Perhaps you're an aficionado of one-off bags or maybe you enjoy re-decorating your living room by swapping your cushion covers for brand new ones whenever the urge takes you? The range at will delight you – and is perfectly timed to coincide with the beginning of the year!
Cotton fabrics with dots

Go dotty!

Anyone who thinks that dots are just dots is wrong! Because we've got lots of different kinds of dotted cotton fabrics. Uniformly arranged dots, randomly scattered dots, large dots, small dots and tiny dots The dot reveals itself in all its diversity! Interested in dots now? If so, place your favourite fabric in your shopping basket and order it right away! Dotty!
Cotton fabrics with dots

Heavily discounted: Cotton fabrics from £3.50

Heavily discounted: Cotton fabrics from £3.50 Do you want to stock up again properly on fabrics before Christmas comes around so that you've always got the right fabric stashed away for that spur-of-the-moment gift idea? If you do, our campaign has just what you need! We have drastically discounted most of our cotton fabrics and will help you stock up on stars, dots, stripes, hearts and floral fabrics again. Browse now! You can't go wrong at £3.50 per metre, and the cotton fabrics are perfect for sewing newbies. So get going! Tell all your friends right away!

A large selection of dotted jersey fabrics!

Dots, spots, or specks - there are lots of words to describe this popular pattern. Our jersey fabrics with large and small dots are perfect for very unique clothing ideas. These 4-way stretch cotton jersey fabrics are easy to cut. Just whip up a top or some leggings and you'll have your new favourite piece in a jiffy!
Dotted jersey fabrics