Danger! Dots!

Christine - 4. June 2013

Dots, spots, specks – this cute pattern has many names. Dotted cotton fabrics are available in many colours in our shop – the choice might not be easy. Our advice: be bold and try a new combination! » Dotted cotton fabrics at

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Sweatshirt fabrics, now also with patterns

Christine - 16. January 2013

Sports, work, and play – sweatshirt fabric is suited for many sewing projects. Apart from a wide selection of unicolour fabrics we now also offer printed sweatshirt fabrics. Choose from dots, stripes, cars, or flowers and create your very own favourite jumper! The fabric is slightly roughened on the inside, which makes it very comfortable on the skin. » Patterned sweatshirt fabrics at

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A good spot for dots!

Christine - 3. January 2013

This firm linen fabric is elaborately embroidered with lots of colourful dots. Among the five different color combinations you’ll surely find one that perfectly matches your furniture! Pillows, curtains, or tablecloths – this high-quality fabric is easy to work with and makes sewing and cutting a breeze. » Dotted linen fabrics at

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Fly away!

Christine - 28. November 2012

Exclusive living ideas come to life with our new apparel fabric ‘fly away’. The fabric is trimmed with a multitude of fluttery circles which add a wonderfully breezy touch. Use it to make tops, dresses, or coats. This fabric looks best with a very simple cut. » Apparel fabrics with fluttering appliques at

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Decoration fabrics, elegant looks

Christine - 7. November 2012

Dots, stripes and ornaments. These high-quality decoration fabrics with elegant woven-in patterns from chenille thread will embellish any room! Add some color with new pilloes, upholster chairs or armchairs with a fabric of your choice or treat yourself with new curtains. The three patterns available are in matching colors and can wonderfully be combined. » Elegant decoration fabrics at

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Dotted water-repellent fabrics!

Christine - 22. June 2012

This water-repellent clothing fabric makes beautiful raincoats and the dots (1.5 cm each) will bring a smile do everybody’s face – even in bad weather! If you prefer to make decorations from this coated fabric you can score a new tablecloth for the patio. Attention: this fabric is discounted and won’t last! » Water-repellent fabrics at

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