New upholstery fabrics

Christine - 29. November 2011

Your sofa needs mor oomph? In our category ‘upholstery fabrics’ you will always find current fabrics which can be used to embellish your living room accessoires. In our wide selection of upholstery fabrics you will discover dots, stripes, checks but also flower patterns and ornamental patterns. Additionally, our flame-retardand materials and high-quality imitation leather fabrics come in a wide selection of colors » New upholstery …

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25 new dotted cotton fabrics: white dots on different colors

Christine - 28. September 2011

Our category „dotted cotton fabrics“ has grown in size. Our line now includes 25 new fabrics with white dots (9 and 2 mm in diameter) on high-quality cotton fabrics in different background colors, e.g. aubergine, bright red, turquoise, navy, royal blue, green and lilac. These new fabrics make dresses (e.g. in a rock’n’roll style), bags and all kinds of accessories into eye-cathers. Dotted fabrics are …

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