A large selection of dotted jersey fabrics!

Christine - 18. June 2013

Dots, spots, or specks – there are lots of words to describe this popular pattern. Our jersey fabrics with large and small dots are perfect for very unique clothing ideas. These 4-way stretch cotton jersey fabrics are easy to cut. Just whip up a top or some leggings and you’ll have your new favourite piece in a jiffy! » Dotted jersey fabrics at

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Danger! Dots!

Christine - 4. June 2013

Dots, spots, specks – this cute pattern has many names. Dotted cotton fabrics are available in many colours in our shop – the choice might not be easy. Our advice: be bold and try a new combination! » Dotted cotton fabrics at

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25 new dotted cotton fabrics: white dots on different colors

Christine - 28. September 2011

Our category „dotted cotton fabrics“ has grown in size. Our line now includes 25 new fabrics with white dots (9 and 2 mm in diameter) on high-quality cotton fabrics in different background colors, e.g. aubergine, bright red, turquoise, navy, royal blue, green and lilac. These new fabrics make dresses (e.g. in a rock’n’roll style), bags and all kinds of accessories into eye-cathers. Dotted fabrics are …

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