Just in: Dressmaking patterns from the Kwik Sew label

Anyone looking for a dressmaking pattern is sure to find just what they’re after in the Kwik Sew range of dressmaking patterns. The American dressmaking pattern company Kwik Sew is known for its simple instructions and varied patterns. The seam clearance is always pre-incorporated in the dressmaking pattern, making cutting to size easy as pie. From dresses, through children’s clothing and sporty menswear, right through to little coats for dogs, Kwik Sew has a diverse range that provides inspiration for new pet projects!
Kwik Sew dressmaking patterns


New McCalls dressmaking patterns just in

The new McCalls dressmaking pattern collection will win you over once again with terrific patterns for ladies’ and children’s styles. Dresses, jumpsuits and tunics tempt you to embark upon new sewing projects. Because a good dressmaking patterns can often get those creative juices flowing, don’t you think?
McCalls dressmaking patterns

The perfect inspiration for your sewing projects – dressmaking patterns from Burda

Burda dressmaking patterns at myfabrics.co.uk Burda dressmaking patterns provide inspiration time and again every season with fashionable and sophisticated patterns for blouses, dresses, skirts and trousers. Browse the numerous new dressmaking patterns for spring right now. Of course, you’ll also find the perfect fabrics and sewing accessories at myfabrics.co.uk, too: It’s your go-to resource for everything to do with your favourite hobby!

For your own collection – new Vogue dressmaking patterns

En Vogue – That’s what you’ll be if you draw inspiration from the new Vogue collection dressmaking patterns. The designers have once again come up with classic, modern and individual patterns offering the characteristic Vogue fit – ideal for advanced sewing enthusiasts. Get inspired by the dressmaking patterns to create your very own spring collection!
Vogue and Butterick dressmaking patterns

Kwik Sew dressmaking patterns – the right dressmaking pattern for any idea!

Kwik Sew dressmaking patterns offer a wealth of inspiration for terrific furnishing and apparel ideas. The selection ranges from fashionable blouses to dogs' coats and tablet sleeves for your electronic devices. There's something there for every idea and you can buy the right fabrics and sewing accessories right away – along with the corresponding dressmaking pattern.
Kwik Sew dressmaking patterns

New Kwik Sew dressmaking patterns

The new dressmaking patterns from Kwik Sew offer even more inspiration. Instructions are provided in English and are easy to understand, being accompanied by little illustrations so that even sewing newbies and those not hugely proficient in English can follow the instructions and then implement them. The new Kwik Sew dressmaking pattern collection offers, among other things, dressmaking patterns for a practical organiser, a cool raglan-sleeved shirt or a cute children's cushion. Ideas for sewing projects are sure to come to you just like that!!
New Kwik Sew dressmaking patterns