For fans of embroidery: handicraft fabrics in a variety of qualities

Christine - 11. November 2015

Until now, special embroidery fabrics have been conspicuously absent from our range. But now myfabrics.co.uk offers everything that your embroidery-gladdened heart desires! The handicraft fabrics range from the fine Aida variant in cotton to pure linen. For a relaxing evening with an embroidery project , you’ll now find an extensive range of threads and needles at myfabrics.co.uk, and you can also fill your shopping basket …

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Now also at myfabrics.co.uk – embroidery thread in more than 400 colours

Christine - 18. August 2015

We are constantly expanding our range of fabrics and sewing accessories so as to permit creativity After already having introduced wool, we’re now adding embroidery accessories and threads! Whether you like cross stitch or like best of all to embroider freehand motifs using satin stitch, at myfabrics.co.uk, when you now place an order for fabric, you can also order complementary embroidery threads at the same …

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Totally cool: diy buttons

Christine - 8. April 2014

Sewing and embroidering are both great hobbies – and now you can combine the two! Our diy buttons are available in two sizes and twelve different colours and invite you to get creative. Embroider your buttons with numbers, letters, or small designs to make a unique piece. Exceptionally good! » diy buttons at myfabrics.co.uk

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Decoration fabrics with elaborate embroidery!

Christine - 18. July 2013

Our line of high-quality decoration fabrics has been greatly extended. Especially striking are our elaborately embroidered decoration fabrics ‘Jamboree’ and ‘Ferris’. Both fabrics come in many different colour combinations, surely, one of them will perfectly fit your own interior design. » Embroidered decoration fabrics at myfabrics.co.uk

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A good spot for dots!

Christine - 3. January 2013

This firm linen fabric is elaborately embroidered with lots of colourful dots. Among the five different color combinations you’ll surely find one that perfectly matches your furniture! Pillows, curtains, or tablecloths – this high-quality fabric is easy to work with and makes sewing and cutting a breeze. » Dotted linen fabrics at myfabrics.co.uk

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New embroidered taffeta

Christine - 28. April 2010

We were able to add two new motifs of embroidered taffeta in different colours to our selection: taffeta featuring appliqué garlands and blooms and taffeta featuring appliqué roses. Like their predecessors, these fabrics are suitable for both elegant accessories and stylish decorations. » Click here for the embroidered taffetas

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