Glamouros fabrics for the holiday season

You should start planning your New Year's Eve outfit already a month ahead of time as elegant evening wear usually takes more than a night to make! First pick your fabric. If you like glitz and glamour we have a wide selection of luxury fabrics. There is a sequined velvet, a shiny romanit jersey or even a sheer, soft tulle trimmed with matted, shimmering sequins or a gorgeous, festive, fringed chiffon to turn you into the star of the night.
Festive clothing

Not only for brides!

Obviously, bridal satin is not only suitable for wedding dresses! This satin with a silky shine and its many different colours is the perfect choice for extravagant evening attire or beautiful night wear. Our bridal satin is available in five different blue tones and three different red tones alone. To help you make the right decision we recommend ordering a sample.
Bridal satin

Silk taffeta

Apart from wild silk, silk duchesse, we are now also offering silk taffeta in our online shop, just so that you can find the right kind of silk for your evening wear. Our elegant new silk taffeta can be used to sew high-quality decorations and apparel. This densely woven fabric is a little stiff and therefore easy to drape. All silk fabrics can be found here
Silk taffeta