Flattering and robust: faux leather for clothing

Leather is always a contemporary choice for clothing, but are you a little uneasy with the thought of wearing something sourced from an animal? If so, take a look at our faux leather variants for clothing. They are ideal for skirts or trousers and combine the look of leather with more palatable production methods. Allowing you to sport a new item of clothing or a bag with a clear conscience.
Faux leather for clothing


The perfect finishing touch for contemporary styling: faux leather ribbon

You can use faux leather ribbons to fashionably embellish an outfit in no time at all. As well as wide ribbons, we also have bias binding and piping in faux leather. All you need to do is to decide whether you’d like to trim the edges of your new poncho with shiny, silver-coloured bias binding or in a simple black. It’s essential that you insert a leather needle in your sewing machine to work the faux leather ribbons and that you select a somewhat larger stitch length.
Faux leather ribbons

Ideal for waistcoats/gilets and jackets: Faux suede leather with fur on the reverse

Our fashionable faux suede leather with a fur reverse is perfectly in keeping with the current seventies trend. A short waistcoat/gilet or a fashionable jacket made from this fabric are sure to become perennial favourites in your wardrobe and will perfectly complement any outfit. Simply order a sample and see whether you like the fabric: the ideas will start to flow on their own!
Faux suede leather with fur on the reverse

The pinnacle of fashion – faux nappa leather

Faux leather is indispensable to today's world of fashion: Skinny leather trousers or a simple pencil skirt made from faux nappa leather are classics that are a must in every wardrobe. Our faux nappa leather is available both with and without stretch in classic leather shades, such as black, brown and fashionable antique gold. Check out the quality for yourself and order a sample directly so you know what it feels like!
Faux nappa leather

Faux suede leather with fur – the trend for winter 2014

In the autumn/winter 2014 season collections, we saw an increase in casual jackets with fur on the reverse. You can use our faux suede leather to create your very own trend-setting piece right now! One side of the fashionable fabric is made of lambskin that keeps you toasty warm and snuggly while remaining bang on trend. And the side with the faux suede leather is available in black, sand, light brown and dark brown. The only thing left to do now is decide!
Faux suede leather with fur

These leather cords give any outfit a touch of hippy chic!

Hippy chic is bang on trend again, and with these braided leather cords, you can set about implementing all sorts of creative ideas. Perhaps you'd like to embellish a bag by using the cord as a bag strap or use the cord to replace the drawstring on your new parka. Regardless of what you have in mind, at myfabrics.co.uk, you're sure to find the right leather cord.
Leather cords

High-quality faux leather with a stretch component

We already have a wide selection of colours in our faux leather range. We have now supplemented the range with faux leather with a stretch component. This material is particularly good for making clothing, such as skin-tight skinny trousers or a comfortable skirt. The material is easy to work with; the only thing to bear in mind is that you should use only a leather needle to sew it with.
Stretch faux leather