So soft! New minky fleece variant

Christine - 12. March 2015

Our new minky variant with raised dots is the ultimate in plushness! The fabric is fleecy-soft and slightly elastic. Tailoring and sewing it is a delightful snip! A snuggly pullover or the reverse of a cosy throw are just two of the many options for this fabric! » minky dots  

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Two good sides – double-face fleece is an inspired choice

Christine - 18. September 2014

Double-face fleece doesn’t just have one good side: it’s got two! The right and left side of the anti-pilling fleece variant have different colours that harmonise perfectly with one another! Use this fabric to make a new reversible hoodie from a single length of fabric, or create an unusual cap that shows off both sides of the double-face fleece. It’s all down to your creativity …

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Cotton fleece for toddler clothing

Christine - 21. October 2013

Do you also prefer natural fibres for infant clothing? Then our new cotton fleece is a great choice for you! This cotton fleece has only a little polyester added, to make it suitable for infant and child clothing. Right now we are offering four different colours. Should you like this fabric we will keep adding more colours! » Cotton fleece at myfabrics.co.uk

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12 new fleece fabrics

Christine - 5. January 2012

Everybody enjoys a bit of warming comfort In the cold wintertime. Be it while you’re reading on the sofa or taking a walk through the woods. Sew yourself a snuggly fleece blanket or a plushy jacket with colorful designs for these occassions. Here, you’ll find our complete line of fleece fabrics. » 12 new fleece fabrics at myfabrics.co.uk

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Fabric of the week: Micro fleece 2

Christine - 18. April 2010

Our fabric of the week from 19.04.2010 to 25.04.2010: » Micro fleece 2 Very soft, high quality one-sided micro fleece. Medium-weight, wonderful soft quality. Fabric of the week price: 1,59 EUR Valid from 19.04.2010 to 25.04.2010, as long as supplies last! One-time price: 12,99 EUR Model: 15_C2_092 Material: 100% Polyester Colour: light grey Width: 160 cm Use: Clothing Shipping time: 7-10 days Click here for …

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Fabric of the week: Lambskin Fleece 4

Christine - 10. January 2010

Our fabric of the week from 11.01.2010 to 17.01.2010: » Lambskin Fleece 4 Nice fleece fabric. Fabric of the week price: 1,39 EUR Valid from 11.01.2010 to 17.01.2010, as long as supplies last! One-time price: 6,99 EUR Model: 53_0022 Material: 100% Polyester Colour: yellow Width: 145 cm Use: Clothing Shipping time: 7-10 days Click here for the item: » Lambskin Fleece 4

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