It’s spring in autumn – with floral fabrics from

If you’d like to enjoy flowers in the autumn, too, our cotton fabrics with floral motifs are simply perfect. From roses through abstract blooms, from delicate hues right through to jazzy colours, there are a myriad floral motifs that aren’t far short of the real thing. Draw inspiration from these fabrics and use them to make little pouches, practical shopping bags and cute toys, or to add unique furnishing touches!
Floral cotton fabrics

Not just for flower girls – gorgeous cotton fabrics with floral patterns

Flowers and blooms are classic motifs that you should always stock up on, as you can use them to make so many gorgeous things! Practical and decorative caddies, cute children’s clothing or whimsical cuddly toys: With a cotton fabric bearing a floral pattern, you’ll always have something at hand if you need a present at short notice.
Cotton fabrics with floral motifs

It’s raining red roses for you… naturally on cotton!

Red roses are a symbol of love, and cotton fabrics with rose motifs are a declaration of love to one of the loveliest hobbies there is – sewing! Little roses, large roses, red roses and pink roses embellish a variety of cotton fabrics and invite you to get creative! Embellish an old dress with a new appliqué made from rose-motif fabric or make a new caddy for your trinkets. You’re sure to think of even more ways to get creative with these cotton fabrics!
Cotton fabrics with rose motifs

Bring spring indoors right now!

Anyone who just can't wait for Mother Nature to reveal herself in all her glory once again can bring spring indoors with the aid of the wide selection of cotton fabrics bearing floral motifs. From tulips, through roses and scattered florets, you'll find everything your heart desires in our range of cotton fabrics bearing floral motifs. Let the flowers inspire you to come up with new sewing ideas. How about a new apron for the house and garden, or a romantic bread basket and a matching tablecloth?
Cotton fabrics with floral motifs

Floral motifs re-interpreted

Our new cotton fabric Cotton Flower Wheel blows you away with its floral, yet equally graphical, design and its bold colours – perfect for mixing and matching fabrics and perhaps for embarking on your first patchwork project? With these colourful cotton fabrics, you're sure to bring colour into the bleak autumn and winter!
Floral fabrics