Cotton fabrics with a floral design – even more varieties just in

Flowers are a must in your spring wardrobe and, in these last few months of the cold season, they stir a longing for never-ending days spent outdoors. The floral cotton fabrics that we have even discounted in part for you are ideal for blouses, dresses and airy summer clothing. And even if it’s still a long, long way away, you can dream yourself into the new season while you sew.
Floral fabrics


It’s spring in autumn – with floral fabrics from

If you’d like to enjoy flowers in the autumn, too, our cotton fabrics with floral motifs are simply perfect. From roses through abstract blooms, from delicate hues right through to jazzy colours, there are a myriad floral motifs that aren’t far short of the real thing. Draw inspiration from these fabrics and use them to make little pouches, practical shopping bags and cute toys, or to add unique furnishing touches!
Floral cotton fabrics

Little buds, large blossoms, colourful flowers… huge selection of jersey fabrics with floral motifs at

Popular floral motifs in jersey variants – at, of course Flowers aren’t just lovely to look at in their natural environment; flowers that embellish fabrics have great appeal, too. You’re sure to find your favourite flower, too, among the plethora of jersey fabrics bearing floral motifs! All you’ll need to think about then is whether you’d prefer to make a dress, a t-shirt or even a pair of comfy leggings out of the elasticated fabrics.