Every bag a masterpiece! Complementary inlays and volume fleece from Vlieseline

Every bag a masterpiece! Complementary inlays and volume fleece from Vlieseline With the right inlay, a length of fabric can become a truly durable, shape-retaining material that’s perfect for bags and rucksacks. Inlays are available in a variety of thicknesses, all of which have different properties. We only stock inlays from the German house of Freudenberg, which has specialised in inlays for decades and regularly develops new products. Of course, iron-on inlays also reinforce a blouse collar, and fabric inserts shape outer layers of clothing. Give it a try when you work on your next project and reinforce your fabric with inlay: You’ll notice the difference!

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H 630 Volume Fleece – VileneH 250 Fusible Interlining – Vilene | 1S 320 Lightweight Interlining – Vilene

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Freudenberg is a company known for its high-quality Vlieseline products that make sewing a snip and make it possible to come up with new creative techniques. We have now expanded our range by adding the most recent products and, with immediate effect, are offering more than 35 different auxiliary aids. From the reinforcing iron-on insert Vlieseline H200 that is used in virtually every clothing project, through the extra-strong Decovil for bags and hats, to volume fleece in various togs and variants for quilts and furnishing articles, you're sure to find exactly what your dressmaking pattern suggests you use. Moreover, the exact Vlieseline is always specified in Burda dressmaking patterns. You'll easily find it if you type in the name in the search bar.
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