Tropical Fever – Now discover furnishing fabrics with tropical motifs

These fabrics make you want to shoot off on a holiday in a tropical paradise! But if your holiday is still far on the horizon, you can usher in a sense of anticipation while you sew. Our range encompasses numerous marvellous fabrics with tropical motifs like palm trees, toucans or pelicans and will put you in a holiday mood while you sew!
Tropical Fever


Colourful branded fabrics from Free Spirit

Just one thing helps combat dreary, cold days: a proper dose of colour. And the Free Spirit collections offer this in abundance. The high-quality cotton fabrics are perfect for your creative ideas. Whether a cushion or a patchwork throw, an airy blouse or a summer dress – you can use the item you’re working on now to coax summer in during springtime! Or perhaps you’re already enjoying the colourful décor in your living room.
Free Spirit branded fabrics


Furnishing fabrics with fruit motifs – to bite into!

Fruit isn’t just healthy; it’s also a great motif for furnishing fabrics. And these fabrics are great for making decorative cushions or practical curtains. So try something a little more unusual and use the half-panama variant among these furnishing fabrics for bags or rucksacks. You’re really going to enjoy these new creations!
Furnishing fabrics with fruit motifs


Tilda’s World – always enchanting

You’re sure to have already seen Tilda’s World fabrics and perhaps fallen in love a little with the delicate colours and romantic motifs? Tilda never fails to enchant us over and over again, too. What’s special about the collections is that they can be perfectly mixed and matched with one another, as the quality of the fabrics is always uniform. So you can be sure that your patchwork or doll project is going to be a new fave!
Tilda’s World


Ideal for kitting out the kitchen: furnishing fabrics with kitchen motifs

Have you just invested in a new kitchen? Or would you like to re-style your existing one? All you need to do is to sew the right dishcloths, pot holders, aprons and oven gloves. This will allow you to express your own style in your kitchen, too, with very little effort. We have a variety of furnishing fabrics bearing kitchen motifs that are ideal for small-scale projects.
furnishing fabrics with kitchen motifs


For Easter – sew your furnishings and your decorative pieces now

The great thing about sewing is that you can make everything just the way you’d like it to be - even furnishings and decorations at Easter. A new tablecloth or new place mats can really revitalise the Easter table and can ring in the beginning of spring with fresh colours. From monochrome cotton fabrics in the colours of spring to printed furnishing fabrics with Easter motifs, you’ll find we stock everything that’s just right for Easter and spring time.
Easter fabrics


Half-panama – terrific designs and high quality

There are innumerable motifs rendered in a half-panama variant In our range of furnishing fabrics. These woven fabrics are more rugged than, for instance, a cretonne, as a thicker weft thread is used, each of which spans two warp threads. This makes the fabric durable and thus ideal for cushions and bags that are frequently used. And given the numerous motifs boasted by the half-panama in our range, there’s bound to be something there for your project!


New furnishing trends for 2016 – from nature to folklore

Discover furnishing trends for 2016 at – your textiles and piece goods expert The new year often brings with it the desire for change. Something that you can change quite easily is your home’s furnishings. We have visited the fabric fairs for you and identified the furnishing trends for 2016. In the world of furnishings, trends tend to change at a slower pace than is the case in the world of fashion, where an item of clothing is once again out of fashion after just a few weeks. This is why some of your current furnishing ideas may also be reflected in the new trends!

Ideal for bags and rugged furnishings: furnishing fabrics in a panama weave

Furnishing fabrics in a panama weave are rugged and are therefore ideal for cushions. But bags can also be made from these fabrics and are virtually indestructible! You’ll find the range at encompasses a variety of furnishing fabrics with motifs that will win you over. Draw inspiration from the floral prints or abstract motifs and start to really think about what you can conjure up with them.
Rugged furnishing fabrics


Decorate your home: furnishing fabrics from the Esprit label

The well-known fashion brand Esprit also has its own furnishings line. And, of course, you’ll find these collections online at In case you’re thinking about jazzing up your interiors, take a look at these furnishing fabrics. There may be something in there that goes with the new interiors you’ve planned.
Esprit furnishing fabrics