A heart for fabrics – cotton fabrics with hearts

Christmas is a time for celebrating love! What better gift than a caddy with heart motifs that you’ve made yourself? Or a heart-shaped cushion in a red fabric with a heart print. Or a shopping bag for your darling mum, made from a checked cotton fabric with hearts woven in. You’re sure to have thought up some little gift ideas that you can get down to sewing yourself! Naturally, you’ll find complementary cotton fabrics with heart motifs at myfabrics.co.uk.
Cotton fabrics with heart motifs

Always drape well – floor-length furnishing fabrics with lead tape in the seam serging

During the cold winter months, it’s entirely possible that it’ll suddenly strike you that your curtains could do with some urgent TLC! We have a wide range of floor-length furnishing fabrics, most of which have lead tape incorporated directly within the hem serging. This ensures that curtains that you’ve made yourself always hang beautifully, making your home more appealing. Floor-length means a fabric width of three metres – in other words, enough for an old building with high ceilings.
Floor-length furnishing fabrics with lead tape in the seam serging

Disney: fabrics that children love

For fans of Disney films: furnishing fabrics with Disney motifs Elsa the Ice Queen, Winnie the Pooh, The Little Mermaid and the cool Cars – these are characters that many children have taken to their heart. Now you can make the children’s room even more attractive for your little princess or your cool ruffian, and design curtains, throws or cushions all bearing the characters of their favourite film. Used in a private setting, you can work the fabrics just the way you like. But if you’re sewing for commercial purposes, Disney fabrics are taboo, as you would then need a Disney licence. So it’s preferable to work with Disney fabrics in a private setting!

Making sure you keep the heat indoors – curtains made from Thermo-Reflex fabrics

These curtain fabrics are ideal for the winter! The material is warm, soft to the touch and relatively weighty, making it perfect for withstanding the cold and draughts. If it’s uncomfortably draughty in front of the closed windows or the door in your flat, a curtain made from Thermo-Reflex fabric will help. And anyone who’s especially creative can use the fabric to make bags, too: The reverse of the fabric has a fine sheen and looks terrific when made into a clutch bag!
Thermo-Reflex fabrics

For furnishing aficionados and bargain hunters – there’s a sale on!

New furnishing fabrics at bargain prices – now at myfabrics.co.uk Have you just moved into your new home? You still need just the right floor-length curtains for your new fit-out; your sofa would look smarter with a new cushion and the kitchen could do with a new tablecloth... If this sounds like you, this is the perfect time to snap up a bargain at myfabrics.co.uk. Drastically discounted furnishing fabrics provide inspiration for new ideas – and with the help of family and friends, you still have time to do it all this year. Get going right away and browse our selection of discounted furnishing fabrics!

Looking for new furnishing ideas? Find just the right furnishing fabrics at myfabrics.co.uk

Do you just love to surround yourself with natural materials? If so, browse our wide range of furnishing fabrics. There, alongside 100% linen fabrics, you’ll also find woven fabrics in a blend of linen, cotton and polyester. Linen is a very robust material and can be brilliantly worked. Linen curtains or bags retain their good looks for a long time and are a sheer delight while being worked, too. Fabrics composed of a blend of linen and cotton are also well-suited to being made into tea towels, as they absorb more moisture than cotton alone.
Furnishing fabrics with linen

Premium Tula Cotton – the cotton line manufactured in-house by myfabrics.co.uk

Tula Cotton fabrics in a wide selection of colours at myfabrics.co.uk
Premium Tula Cotton – the cotton line manufactured in-house by myfabrics.co.uk Three distinct cotton variants, all uniformly dyed, colour-fast and with a shrinkage rate that stands below the commonly encountered shrinkage values for cotton fabrics: These are all characteristics of our cotton line Tula Cotton, manufactured in-house, which we have been offering you for more than two years now. The colour palette ranges from sunshine yellow, through classy red, right through to royal blue. So if you’re on the lookout for a multi-use fabric or lining material, you should definitely request a Tula Cotton sample. You’ll find its quality compelling!

Panama furnishing fabrics with photo-realistic prints

The quality of these prints is outstanding! The motifs genuinely appear real. And the quality of the fabric is just right for a host of sewing ideas. Do you need a caddy in the living room? If so, how about making one with a suitcase print? Or perhaps you’d like to give someone an apron as a gift? One with a macaroon or cupcake print would be a brilliant idea!
Panama with photographic prints

Solid Scandinavian collection from Arvidssons

Furnishing fabrics from Arvidssons – for all Scandinavia aficionados Dala horses, goblins and kitchen motifs are just some of the motifs that embellish the cotton fabrics from the Arvidssons collection. The high-quality fabrics of this Scandinavian brand invite you to design new curtains, caddies or pretty tea towels. It’s up to you to decide whether you’d like to mix and match the fabrics or use them singly. Just give it a try and draw inspiration from Scandinavian styling!

Wide selection of cotton fabrics – now re-stocked!

Re-stocked: Cotton fabrics in a variety of colours and motifs Back at last: Our range of cotton fabrics has been freshly re-stocked for you. The colours precisely match those of our Tula Cotton lines and can therefore be perfectly mixed and matched. Whether little or large dots, stars, stripes or hearts – in this collection, there’s something for everyone. The colourful fabrics are particularly good for little bags, bed linen and patchwork projects.
Get inspired and design your pet project with our cotton fabrics that are just right.
Classic Dots 0,2 cm, 18Classic Dots 0,9 cm, 22Classic Stripes 0,5 cm, 3