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There are innumerable motifs rendered in a half-panama variant In our range of furnishing fabrics. These woven fabrics are more rugged than, for instance, a cretonne, as a thicker weft thread is used, each of which spans two warp threads. This makes the fabric durable and thus ideal for cushions and bags that are frequently used. And given the numerous motifs boasted by the half-panama in our range, there’s bound to be something there for your project!


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Do you just love to surround yourself with natural materials? If so, browse our wide range of furnishing fabrics. There, alongside 100% linen fabrics, you’ll also find woven fabrics in a blend of linen, cotton and polyester. Linen is a very robust material and can be brilliantly worked. Linen curtains or bags retain their good looks for a long time and are a sheer delight while being worked, too. Fabrics composed of a blend of linen and cotton are also well-suited to being made into tea towels, as they absorb more moisture than cotton alone.
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Is it finally time? A new home beckons. And irrespective of whether you’re moving out of the room you grew up in and into a flat of your own for the first time, a new start of this sort is always a good opportunity to think about the design of your living space. Because – yes, of course it’s supposed to be practical, but it’s also about comfort and being in sync with your tastes. So take the plunge – you can make quite a change with new cushions or curtains, wall hangings and a new armchair cover! And if you end up not liking it any more, you can just make something else again!

Maritime fashion and furnishing ideas

Maritime fashion and furnishing ideas It's not just the Northern Lights that enthuse about maritime fashion and furnishings; we at myfabrics.co.uk are from the north, too, and that's why we're particularly thrilled by the maritime theme. In our maritime world, you'll find fabrics as well as sewing accessories, such as ribbons bearing anchor motifs, appliqués depicting lighthouses and matching buttons in red, white and blue. Ahoy!