Innovative product: Paper yarn from the house of Rico Design

Paper yarn is the discovery of the year. You can use crochet yarn, made from 100% paper fibre, to create pretty decorative items, practical mats or fashionable bags. Amazingly, paper yarn can even be washed by hand without it tearing or macerating. You should definitely give this innovative product a go!
Rico Creative Paper


New furnishing trends for 2016 – from nature to folklore

Discover furnishing trends for 2016 at – your textiles and piece goods expert The new year often brings with it the desire for change. Something that you can change quite easily is your home’s furnishings. We have visited the fabric fairs for you and identified the furnishing trends for 2016. In the world of furnishings, trends tend to change at a slower pace than is the case in the world of fashion, where an item of clothing is once again out of fashion after just a few weeks. This is why some of your current furnishing ideas may also be reflected in the new trends!

Decorations and furnishings are integral to Easter: Get inspired now!

Easter decorations and furnishings at Get inspired by our range! Without pretty furnishings and decorative accessories, the breakfast table looks so boring at Easter! Get inspired by the delicate colours of our Easter fabrics and find just the right one for your table decorations. Perhaps you’d just like to sew a new tablecloth or freshen up your table setting with new serviettes? At, you’ll always find the right material. It doesn’t matter whether linen is your favourite fabric, or cotton.

Kwik Sew dressmaking patterns – the right dressmaking pattern for any idea!

Kwik Sew dressmaking patterns offer a wealth of inspiration for terrific furnishing and apparel ideas. The selection ranges from fashionable blouses to dogs' coats and tablet sleeves for your electronic devices. There's something there for every idea and you can buy the right fabrics and sewing accessories right away – along with the corresponding dressmaking pattern.
Kwik Sew dressmaking patterns