The perfect finishing touch for contemporary styling: faux leather ribbon

You can use faux leather ribbons to fashionably embellish an outfit in no time at all. As well as wide ribbons, we also have bias binding and piping in faux leather. All you need to do is to decide whether you’d like to trim the edges of your new poncho with shiny, silver-coloured bias binding or in a simple black. It’s essential that you insert a leather needle in your sewing machine to work the faux leather ribbons and that you select a somewhat larger stitch length.
Faux leather ribbons

Sheer luxury – shiny lurex ribbons

Pomp and glory are part and parcel of Christmas. All you need to do is to embellish a simple t-shirt with a shiny lurex ribbon – and voilà: Your outfit boasts a festive touch. These ribbons can, of course, also be top-stitched onto bags or made to embellish a skirt or a dress. Just do what you like!
Lurex ribbons

Perfect for working and embellishing knit fabrics: braiding

This fashion season, cosy knits are all the rage! If you want to make yourself a warm poncho or a casual pullover using knit fabrics, you shouldn’t leave the inner seam allowances unfinished. If you do, the handmade piece will quickly unravel in the wash because the edges will fray. Braiding is ideal for trimming the edges of wool and knit fabrics. You use them in exactly the same way you would cotton bias binding. That’s sure to make your new favourite piece a one-off that will be a source of joy for a long time to come!

For style with sheen: glittering fabrics at

For all those who can't get enough of glitter – glittering fabrics at Anyone who wants to make themself a festive party dress for New Year's Eve should start to think right now about choosing the right fabric. In 2014, the popularity of the shine trend wasn't just confined to party wear, and that's why we have a variety of shiny fabrics in our range. Shiny jersey, iridescent sequinned fabrics or fine velvet fabrics set the mood for New Year's Eve, an evening you'll love to celebrate in a dress that you've made yourself – naturally! In our range of glittering sewing accessories, you'll find rhinestone buttons, chains and shiny ribbons that you can transform into sparkling trinkets. Embellish a clutch or beautify an old dress so that it takes on a new lustre. If you like it, it's all good!