In fresh colours: cotton bias binding at

You can use bias binding discreetly or conspicuously, as there are two ways of using it to form edging: Firstly, you can turn the bias binding up on a fold, place it flush against the edge of the cut piece and top-stitch it securely in the fold, then position the bias binding in the cut piece, iron and again top-stitch close to the edge. Or you can encompass the edge directly using the bias binding by placing it around the edge and then top-stitching close to the edge. Which method do you prefer?
Cotton bias binding

Patches – now not just for repair!

Elbow patches and other patches are no longer just used to embellish very worn items of clothing or to conceal small holes. No... Now they also make a fashionable statement. Whether you want to sport a flash of neon or you're after classic leather patches, you'll find that we offer the right patch in the right colour for the sewing project you have in mind!

Studs in a massive range of designs and colours

Studs are ideal for pepping up a boring bag or a shirt. They are simply pushed through the fabric and then turned down on the reverse without needing any other devices. These fashionable studs are available in various colours and designs. There is sure to be something there for you upon which to unleash your creativity!

In now for a short time only: Discounted sewing accessories

Our haberdashery goods give the finishing touch to all projects, and anyone who enjoys browsing the discounted goods section will also find that our shop offers a range of discounted sewing accessories. From buttons and ribbons through trimmings and buckles - this section is well-stocked, great haberdashery products being continuously added to the range. Have fun browsing!
Discounted sewing accessories

Colourful and exciting ribbons and trimmings

With the right ribbon or trimming, even a sewing newbie can quickly put together a unique piece. Take a look at our range of ribbons and trimmings and find a ribbon variant that you like. Sew it to a bag using a sewing machine or by hand. And voilà! In a jiffy, you've got a statement piece that will be the envy of all!
Ribbons and trimmings

Lower shipping costs for haberdashery

Lower shipping costs for haberdashery at From now on when ordering haberdashery shipping is only £3.30 instead of £4.80. These reduced shipping costs apply to most of our assortment of haberdashery like e.g. buttons, thread, zippers, borders, ribbons, cords, appliqués, sewing patterns, pearls, and sequins. Excluded are sewing boxes, cutting mats, overlock thread, as well as all sewing supplies too bulky to fit in a letter. When you order both haberdashery and fabrics, we'll still charge £4.80 for shipping. Please note that shipment tracking is not available when only ordering haberdashery. We are looking forward to your next visit to our shop and we wish you lots of fun with your next sewing project.

Only today: Wrong display of the amount on stock

Only today: Wrong display of the amount on stock Since this morning you can view directly in the shop how many meters of our fabrics and how many items of our haberdashery we have on stock. Unfortunately there has appeared a mistake with about 2000 articles. These articles belong to our assortment of fabrics that we order exclusively for you in the amount that you need from our suppliers. In the shop these articles are mistankenly labeled with an amount on stock of 1000 meteres until tomorrow morning. This is wrong though. Our IT-support is currently working on the issue, so that by the time of tomorrow morning the right information is displayed. Thank you for your understanding!