Half-panama – terrific designs and high quality

There are innumerable motifs rendered in a half-panama variant In our range of furnishing fabrics. These woven fabrics are more rugged than, for instance, a cretonne, as a thicker weft thread is used, each of which spans two warp threads. This makes the fabric durable and thus ideal for cushions and bags that are frequently used. And given the numerous motifs boasted by the half-panama in our range, there’s bound to be something there for your project!


Ideal for bags, cushions and furnishing ideas: our half-Panama fabrics

Half-Panama furnishing fabrics aren’t just ideal for making tablecloths or cushions. The fabrics can also be used to make robust and versatile bags and rucksacks that are real eye-catchers. You can be sure that the half-Panama fabrics are robust, yet easy to work. True all-rounders!

That summer feeling in autumn

The fresh colour prints on our half-panama fabrics will remind you of your last holiday and make you look forward to next summer! Perhaps you're one of the lucky ones who travel South in the winter or who live in the southern hemisphere and are only now in the throes of midsummer? Juicy pineapples, colourful, artists' prints with a soupçon of impressionism and gaily coloured floral patterns make you feel like like re-arranging your interiors! Try it out for yourself!
Printed half-panama