The winter catalogue – Get inspired now!

Versandkosten sparen - ab sofort und nur für kurze Zeit bei You’ve still got enough time to plan your Christmas decorations, to think about what you’d like to make yourself and give as a present – or whom you’d like to pass your hobby bug on to! To inspire you, we’ve compiled a catalogue packed full of ideas and products that will make the winter and the run-up to Christmas absolutely glorious.

Browse our online version of the catalogue now and discover new products, terrific colours and gorgeous fabrics.

Maritime-themed fabrics and sewing accessories: Get inspired by our maritime range

Maritime-themed fabrics and sewing accessories: Get inspired by our maritime range Are you just as inspired by maritime styling as we are? The offices and fabric warehouse are just under an hour away from the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, so it’s hardly surprising that we have an affinity with the Northern Lights and are fans of anchors, ships and sailing boats! We now also have these motifs on a host of fabrics – for clothing ideas as well as for bags, cushions or curtains and drapes. So you can also sneak a little of that maritime flair into your life!

The gardening season is upon us! Get inspired to work on new gardening projects now!

Inspiration for gardening enthusiasts – the garden environment and the world of gardening at The time has finally come to whip your garden into shape again. You can very easily make yourself a practical apron for when you’re gardening, and a practical bag is ideal for keeping your garden gadgets together, too. It doesn’t matter how large your garden is or whether you’ve just got a couple of plants on your balcony, you can kit out your second living room for the summer with terrific furnishing fabrics and new cushions or a wind shield just as you like. Aside from patterned furnishing fabrics in cotton, we also have water-repellent awning fabrics and outdoor fabrics in our range.

Ahoy, sailors – The maritime look is inspiring

Here, you’ll find maritime-themed apparel fabrics for your sewing projects. Currently, the maritime look is hugely popular again and whether it’s to be a classic, striped Breton top or a bag with nautical motifs, at, you’ll find a wide selection of contemporary maritime motifs in cotton and jersey variants. Anchors, wheels and sailboats invite you to dream of an idyllic day out at sea and inspire you to come up with new ideas!

We love DIY! Find materials at now!

For DIY fans: coordinating materials at DIY stands for "do it yourself": This is about as hands-on as it gets! We've put together the new, inspiring DIY section for anyone who wants to try out a few small projects to begin with that they can carry out without the aid of a sewing machine. In this inspiring section, you'll find inspiration with ready-to-go DIY sets and items that are just right for your own DIY projects. Get inspired and get creative!

Mustard, blue, red, silver and black: these are the colours of autumn 2014!

Mustard, blue, red, silver and black: these are the colours of autumn 2014! Do you want to kit yourself out afresh for the new season and supplement your wardrobe with colours that are bang on trend? If so, let our inspiring Autumn Collection inspire you! This is where we've put together the right fabrics and sewing accessories for you to be able to create new clothes in the high-fashion colours mustard, blue, red, silver and black. Perhaps you're looking for black jersey fabric for a long top or red wool fabric for a new autumn coat? You're sure to find what you're after with us!